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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Sep 2021

Being at the heart of the NFT movement, I try to keep up to date with the newest project, from art to music and games. Infinity Skies looks like the "next big thing" by design and concept. Infinity Skies will be available for PC platforms upon launch, with opportunity to "Build, Socialize, Trade and Adventure" while creating the most prestigious castle in the sky. 


I wanted to learn more about Infinity Skies and after I joined their Discord channel I had my source of information from Gabriel's interview with Sander Dijkens, the CTO of DreamFuel Games. Sanders was into creative gaming since childhood, mixing board games to create new ones. When he started learning programming and game development a brand new world was discovered.

What is Infinity Skies?

Infinity Skies is the newest NFT project that caught my attention, a new concept of Play2Earn game based on blockchain technology. Players will be able to build, trade, adventure and socialize in a fantasy Crypto Sandbox Game. The trading part will involve the transaction of rare and unique NFTs that can be crafted and customized to boost their value. The adventure and social interaction involves friends that group up for higher ranked adventure and bonus chests. The game will focus on gameplay and experience, not only on earning money, by implementing social ranking leaderboards.


Every player will receive the "island" and the basic house, as part of the free-to-play format. Infinity Skies four pillars are inspired by Sims, and the creators implemented the grid system to simplify the build mode. The adventurers will have assigned 1x Plot. The plot can be filled with a sky-plot NFT and decorated in multiple ways. The sky plots will come in different variations, from 2x2 to 5x5! The default size for new players is 2x2 and 4 islands can be placed in the sky-plot. The bigger plots have higher rarities and will be available for purchase.

The islands can be placed in any of the squares of the grid, and will always use 1:1 of the sky-plot. The structures can be placed on the smaller grid that covers the island, having different sizes. The structures are walls, flora, decorations, furniture, etc. Each Sky must contain at least one portal, used to access the online castle lobby.


The collection of assets can be expanded by completing adventures. New islands can be added to the land, in the quest to build amazing castles, same as building blocks are used to create various "monuments". There are 8 NFT rarities that will add extra gameplay and endless possibilities. The categories of assets are sky-plots, islands, structures, decorations, paint-jobs and cosmetics. 


The NFTs are owned by the adventures and can be traded in the Skies Marketplace. The assets can also be burned through crafting, to receive a higher rarity NFT. The players will embark on adventures, will be able to visit other castles and even compete against others in mini-competitions. The completed missions in adventure mode will reward the players with chests.

The adventures will require the player to leave his sky and enter the play mode. All the players will start the challenge as equals, building skills as they advance. The adventures level of completion will be low and the adventurers progress will reset when failing. Each completed adventure will reward one progress point for a Silver Chest and one progress chest for a Gold chest, claimable once during a set period of time. The treasure chests can be gold, silver and bronze with sub-category: Divine, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon or Common.


Gameplay time can be turned into money with the $Skyblocks, the BEP-20 token that will power Infinity Skies. The token has the $ISKY ticker and a total supply of 100,000,000 units. It can be swapped for other crypto in PancakeSwap or traded on the marketplace for NFTs. Skyblocks has a burn feature set a t 5% of each transactions, which are re-distributed in the Play2Earn stash, the Claim Pool and to the Development Team.  The Play2Earn mechanics will include weekly rewards from the Play2Earn stash, with the 3% collected from transactions is distributed to active players. 

The tokens distribution will take place through private sale, public sale, Play2Earn, marketing, open-end and Liquidity Pool. A part of the total token supply will be sent into the Reserve while the team and advisors will receive 20% of the $ISKY tokens. The $ISKY price for the private sale will be $0.1 per token, growing to $0.2 for the private sale. 


Behind the scenes

Infinity Skies was created by DreamFuel Games, the company that Sander Dijkens founded in November of 2020, The pioneering gaming company wants to bring innovation and creativity into the blockchain industry by maintaining a synergy on game development, licensing and market. The aim is to provide entertaining gameplay by linking decentralized finance video game entertainment. The vision is to allow each player to build without limits, offering creative freedom and endless possibilities. The wide range of choices will be given by thousands of NFTs possibilities from building, reward chests and crafting.


Sander Dijkens is one of the the DreamFuel Games co-founder. He has experience in Java game development and game programming. The hopes that Infinity Skies will bring innovation and the game will rise above the blockchain gaming mainstream.


Marc Bruinsma background and passion is gaming and technology. He started blockchain exploration five years ago, investing in numerous projects. The started the DreamFuel Games with his childhood friend Sander, as a life-changing adventure and a desire to set a golden standard for the future of blockchain gaming.


Micah Hrehovcsik was Sander's lecturer at HKU University of the Arts Utrecht. He worked on over 30 gaming projects and through Game Architect Studio he provides expert knowledge in game design and technology. He works with Sander and Marc to make Infinity Skies the state-of-the art for future games.


NFT Giveaway

You could win one of the 9 Byron NFTs by joining the Infinity Skies Discord channel and dropping your .wam either in the comments section of the article or on Twitter. Good luck!

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