How the Uniswap (UNI) token distribution made the crypto market unstable

How the Uniswap (UNI) token distribution made the crypto market unstable

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 23 Sep 2020

Never take your foot of the gas, cause you are as good as your last plate - Chef Gordon Ramsey

I covered the Uniswap distribution yesterday in a quick post but as Chef Ramsey was saying, you are as good as your last post, and that post was mediocre. I had to make it better and show the reasons of my hypothesis. 

September 2020 was the month of the biggest airdrop I ever, when Uniswap distributed at least 400 Uni tokens to everyone who's done at least one transaction through, even failed ones. The initial value was about $1200, and the current value is about $1600. However, the token reached the all time high at $8.40 and those who hold it a bit longer had the chance to pocket over $3600.

In the last week, over 70% of the promotional UNI tokens were claimed, approximately 110,890,207 tokens have been claimed by 180,807 users. This is the reason behind the enormous ETH gas fees over the weekend. To stake $88 worth of Matic, I was requested to pay $91 gas fees, which is crazy. I personally know over 20 people who got the bonus and they all sold it, getting between $1200 and $2500. I asume that the vast majority did the same.b814804f70baa4f074310eab9cbf8dda3c5d9d853f13bab3699335f973df5fe9.jpegThe market was volatile before the Uniswap airdrop, and looks like this event generated an avalanche of transactions which congested a market already saturated by new and strange DeFi projects. And soon the Bitcoin price went downhill, and Ethereum followed quickly. The fall was even sharper in the last day as a result of value decline of global equities. However this drop was not as bad as the one from the beginning of the month, when the "King" dipped under $10k.

This market correction affected altcoins and DeFi projects as well, and the fall may continue after the U.S. stock market hit a 2 months low and the world is preparing for the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. I paid about $2.1 for my Tezos so I wanted to take advantage of the initial depreciation and bought 20 Tezos (XTZ) at $1.90. Another 24 hours wait would give a better value for money as the price dropped to $1.60 before getting a bit stable.b74d6ad576cc60e9a5bbb9e2dddd941a306c542295e1d22a46fcaf8a333eb232.jpeg

The Bitcoin fall was not as bad as the one at the start of September, however created a Tsunami wave that affected all other altcoins. As a result, my portfolio is currently 30% down.25543b2c077b58903162caa06e43538570f237ebd6ed71ec28ba46b39992023e.jpeg

Ethereum down 7% in a week is the result of the high amount of transactions, mainly from the Uniswap airdrop. The Eth drop in value affected the DeFi sector, as the majority are built on the Ethereum block-chain.2b2c52f6cc9865685fbde014532c146bfa1a1b1cd99ae1fcaa607d1809defa8d.jpeg

And as usual, this happens after I decide to invest in new assets. Once I press that buy button, I am ready for a major global catastrophe, an earthquake, alien invasion or just the Apocalypse. My Binance portfolio is crying as I chose the wrong moment to buy Swipe, Bella and Wing.

Happy investing my friends!f760be330dac75026ec8b1f513b44a527a4e4697c3c7445d7584ea8abf206b59.jpeg


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