Horizen (ZEN) surpassed Bitcoin and Ethereum in number and quality of nodes!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 17 May 2020

Less than a month ago I was writing about Horizen (Zen) potential to become a prime cryptocurrency, highlighting some of the aspects which, in my opinion, will make this project successful.  I was amazed by Horizen full suite of secure and private tools for institutional use, the success of the block-chain and the growing  power of secure nodes/super nodes, as a result of secured end-to-end encryption.

Today it is official! Horizen has the industry's largest node network, surpassing both BTC and ETC in the number and quality of nodes. 

In the last quarter of 2019, the average number of Secure Nodes per quarter reached 25200, a huge achievement and a mark of quality for the future. The number of Super Nodes had his peak between Quarter 3 and Quarter 4, with a high of 3100.


This milestone was achieved due to the continuous work in nodes development, and immense amount of work from the node operators. 


Our large node network is important because it makes Horizen resilient to hacks, power failures, and prevents interference in voting systems.

Surpassing Bitcoin and Ethereum to reach the first position in the number and quality of nodes, makes Horizen more powerful against cyber attacks. The Horizen nodes are now the most secure, as a result of dedicated VPS and TLS encryption, and the only block-chain using this high level of security.

The Horizen Project invites more users to become stakeholders in the Horizen ecosystem, and open nodes, by offering a 10% of the mining fee, generating a great source of residual income.  The Secure Nodes require a 42 ZEN stake and maintain a copy of the block-chain, while the Super Nodes  require a 500 ZEN stake and introduce side chaining, elevating Horizen from a currency to a full-fledged platform.


As a short term plan, I will consider investing in a Secure Node, which combined with the long term faucet from Get.Zen will provide a decent source of residual income. With multipliers and bonus rolls, Get.Zen generated 0.103 Zen in 15 days. My forecast and calculation is that Get.Zen will produce at least 1 ZEN every 5 months, 2.5 Zens each year. If ZEN will maintain the growing trend and constant improvement of technology, than will probably fight for the cryptocurrencies podium.


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