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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 15 Apr 2024

Horizen EON is an EVM-compatible smart contracting platform and the first of many smart contract sidechains in the Horizen ecosystem. EON allows developers to efficiently build and deploy decentralized applications on Horizen, while benefiting from EVM compatibility.

The chain is built with scale and user experiences in mind, on Horizen’s powerful horizontally scaling protocol Zendoo. EON attracted many big names in the crypto ecosystem, and is now supported on Rabby Wallet. 


The KuSwap NFT Marketplace has integrated native support for NFTs on Horizen EON, providing a vibrant avenue for buying, selling and trading digital collectibles. NFT enthusiasts can now use the KuSwap Marketplace to trade digital collectibles using $ZEN, and as an additional liquidity source for users interested in trading NFTs and digital collectibles. 

KuSwap is the leading AMM on the KuCoin Community Chain, known for its low transaction fees and a focus on increasing decentralized global adoption. The NFT Marketplace offers zero listing fees and a unique bidding system where participants can earn from active auctions. The marketplace also features a verification system for NFTs, either approved by the KuSwap Team or DAO, ensuring authenticity and reliability. 


This integration opens doors to a wide range of possibilities for NFT collectors and creators alike. KuSwap is promoting creative freedom and control, as the artists retain full control of their collections and have the ability to control elements like fees

The integration was celebrated with 1000 Horizen EON Badge, as a free mint. The holders of the Horizen EON custom badge will gain priority access to additional NFT drops, rewards, and more. I was one of the early ones to mint, and secured my EON Badge NFT #243


There's more to come on KuSwap, as the Punkz NFTs will soon land the hottest collection on EON. The legacy of the play2earn PunkzHero game had to continue when the TokenMint sidechain was deprecated, and the solution was to make the Punkz live forever on the blockchain. The Punkz NFTs will be deployed on Horizen EON and the OG gamers and $PKZ holders will be rewarded with whitelist spots and $ZEN.

The Punkz NFTs will have five levels with different perks: Astro Rookie, Star Scout, Nebula Navigator, Galactic Guardian and Cosmo Commander. The holders will have voting power, and the Punkz mini-DAO will decide for the release new batches, new designs or even spin-off collection

There will be 28 OG holders, rewarded for their past activity on Punkz Hero, and the rest will be added on Kuswap. This cosmic exploration is just starting, and you can join us in this journey. Wen? Soon! 


The Zen Dogz are a collection of studio photographs of real dogs with different items and attributes. No artificial intelligence or computer generation... this is proof-of-dog! There are 100 dogs of various breeds, with different accessories, as they pose for 5 photos each at the Helsinki studio. 

The hard work created a collection of 500 unique photographs, with a variety of hand-picked backgrounds. Attributes include dogs' real names and info, including owner-submitted stories. This is a Genesis collection that will make the dogz live forever on EON!


ZenDogz is the first real animal collection in NFT history, and you could mint your faithful companion for 10 ZEN. Follow ZenDogz on Twitter for the best updates, and unique competitions.

I am flexing my own Zen Dog, the beautiful Foxy! The 1-year old Terrier has a bow-tie and does agility training. She loves people, food, balls and tug-of-war type games. Neither cold nor wet are to his likings, but in better weather she can often be found lounging where the sun shines. 


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