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Harvest Finance July Analysis - Gold Medal for Innovation and Progress

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 31 Jul 2021

Hot summer events in the Crypto Olympics, where Chad is winning gold medal after gold medal for Harvest Finance. The best yield farm in the Cryptoverse is the leader for innovation and progress.


Harvest Finance opened a new farm on Polygon Network, with three vaults on QuickSwap and SushiSwap. It was Mihailo Bjelic, one of the Polygon co-founders, that welcomed Harvest_Finance to the DeFi summer party! The trademark maximized yields and the minimal fees are set to farm #BreadForThePeople. I never interacted with Polygon - Matic projects but now I will follow Chad and the Farmers Brotherhood into this brand new world.

Another gold medal was won by Harvest Finance at value growth sprinting. The surge was sparked by the and Coinbase Pro listing. The humble farmers are happy with the summer updates. The overall $FARM value was hoovering close to $90 until Thursday when it bloomed by 110%


The growth didn't stop and continued into the weekend. This brightness under the spotlights was achieved by hard work and constant upgrades. In only two days $FARM raised from $86 to $255 at the time of writing. 


In the last year, the Harvest Finance team worked hard to maintain the protocol at high standards and to deliver the best yield farming opportunities. The cumulated effort was focused on the launch of V2, an amazing visual shift for the platform. The upgrade made the vault management and tools more user friendly, making Harvest Finance the one-stop shop for yield farming. Check the V2 Twitter thread for the whole review.

Harvest Finance is a top player in DeFi and welcomed the decentralization of Shapeshift by launching the $FOX vault. The farm is big enough the shelter some wildlife!


If Harvest Finance has a good month ... the humble farmers will have a good month! On the Binance Smart-Chain FARM, my BUSD stash grows bigger and bigger. Earning bFARM along with Binance USD is a bonus. bFARM can be used to earn boosts for ampliFARM, the new token launched by Harvest Finance this month.


I am a humble farmer and a crypto seasoned veteran but this mention made me blush! The truth is every time I write about Harvest Finance, I do it with passion and huge love for the community. 


The Harvest community "adopted" me back in September 2020, and educated me into DeFi. Since then I had my support and mentorship along the farmers, and now is my turn to educate the next generation of yield raiders. The Humble Farmer competition challenged everyone to write Harvest Finance on a sheet of paper with an interesting background of any part of the world. My entry was a collaboration with my son, up on the bridge above the River Ouse. We won the second place and he got half of the prize!


Let's finish off with a tablet of wisdom. DeFi returns are calculated in APR and API but not everyone knows the difference. APR doesn't take the profit into consideration while APY assumes the reinvestment of the earnings into the auto-compounding pool.   Image


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Harvest Finance July Recap

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