Half year of stacking $XTM on Torum and the Uniswap listing

Half year of stacking $XTM on Torum and the Uniswap listing

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 26 Sep 2021

The Cryptoverse pace is on fast-forward and you many miss opportunities even if you blink! You either seize the moment or you miss it... and this is how I joined Torum on the 23rd of February. My brother told me about this revolutionary social media platform that was created to connect the crypto enthusiasts and I instantly joined, while being out for a walk in the park! 

Only six months later I gathered 790 followers, some dust, some shards and a lot of $XTM.


Torum had a system of missions from daily tasks to specials. The "Daily" missions generated6.5 XTM once completed. The log in mission is achieved automatically with the daily visit, while the others participation. The users must create a thread in a clan, write a post than start socializing with others. Spread a post on your feed, like at least 5 posts are the other daily choirs. Commenting on 3 posts was scrapped as it only leaded to spam. 

The weekly missions will generate 28.5 XTM. Those that logged in for seven consecutive days will receive 20 XTM and another 8.5 XTM can be earned if for 50 new subscribers in a week. One-Time missions are linked to the personal growth on Torum. Active users can also invite new "landers" on Torum and both received 35 XTM for the task.


I wrote "Torum essence - earn XTM from missions and be part of the future!" in May and presented my views to my network. Some joined then but guess what ... more are joining now, even if the rewards are halved. Is it FOMO or they realized their mistake? Time will tell!

Torum was integrated into my daily routine and I use it as a sources of information and the quickest method to catch up with news and share information. The comprehensive decentralized social media ecosystem is also a gateway to share my articles with other crypto enthusiasts. 


Earning XTM - Old reward system

Torum users can access the missions by clicking the "Missions" tab, as highlighted above. There are 4 types of missions available, offering a various range of challenges and rewards.


The "Daily" missions can be completed every day, and the user was rewarded with 6.5 XTM by completing all six. The two weekly missions, where awarding 28.5 XTM - log for seven consecutive days to receive 20 XTM and 8.5 XTM for gaining 50 new followers in a week. One-Time missions are linked to the personal growth on Torum. Some missions will be upgraded at a higher level once completed. The special mission was all about referrals. Every user can invite friends and family on Torum and both received 35 XTM!  


The new reward system and airdrops

All the rewards were halved after $XTM was listed on Uniswap and now landers can gain 2.75 XTM for doing the 4 daily quests and 24.25 XTM from the weekly duo. The referral reward was reduced to  30 XTM but claiming them and stacking them is a good long term plan.


The verified airdrops are new and innovative, as Torum checked the drop and everything is genuine. 

Three airdrop events happened since the launch of the program: MDEX, FiLDA and ButterSwap.


Stacking 6 months of missions

Since joining Torum back in February, I completed the quests almost daily. Can't say the same about the weekly, which usually I forgot to claim.

My $XTM stash is 3510, $282.82 at the current price. From the total, 113.80 $XTM where gifts from other landers. 

What's my plan with $XTM? Torum just turned one and for a platform so young is doing great. I will hold the $XTM and I will keep adding more because Torum may have a bright future!


Residual Income:

Torum essence - Be part of the future!

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