Going ape about BANANO - Going bonkers about CryptomonKeys

Going ape about BANANO - Going bonkers about CryptomonKeys

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 25 Nov 2021

Why Banano? Why I am going ape about Banano?

One year ago I received my first ever NFT, from a Banano giveaway on Publish0x. Funny enough ... it was an monKeydrop NFTs! One year later and that is still my favourite NFT from my 3000 pieces collection. Today's value is close to 100 $WAXP, making my monKeydrop a Potassium treasure chest. 


But why Banano? You probably heard the same answer so many times ... because Banano is a mindset ... Banano is freedom! I found a 3in1 Monkeyverse, with the a top vibrant community, a fast and easy to use coin, and the best NFT project. The BANANO Discord 🔊 server never sleeps... it's always rumble in the jungle! The conversations in the Jungle are ... wild, with unique vibes and synonymous with fun and friendship!

Banano (BAN) 🍌 is a feeless, instant, rich in potassium cryptocurrency powered by DAG technology with the mission to disrupting the meme economy. One year ago was valued at $0.0012, and now grew ripe in my wallet. 

Banano is different from the replicated systematic node blockchain that follows a linear chain of block transactions! Banano DAG network is branching out like a big banana tree, making independent transactions more efficient.


I aped into Banano and I still bang my chest like an angry gorilla when a new competition or event is announced. Oscars, Grammy Awards, Billboard Music Award, football scores ... Game On! I am as competitive as a chimpanzee on a swing ... squeezing my brain for ideas on how to outshine my competition. Evolution game me opposable thumbs and I often use my primate skills to draw stuff for competitions.


Because PVM is a skilled monkey, more like Caesar-type chimpanzee, I can write poetry! And when I write poetry ... I write competition winning poetry! No matter how busy it's my agenda, I will always make time to participate at Banano competition. It's not for the prize ... it's for the chance to compete with others and show who's the Alpha Ape!


The BAN FAM live in peace,
Monkeys working on release
Of banano, piece by piece
The BAN FAM will increase
Becoming stronger than police
The BAN FAM is bolice
None can ever complain
When $BANANO drops like rain
It's time for the BANANO reign
Join us or go down the drain!


Going bonkers about cryptomonKeys!

If you gonna read this and ask what are NFTs... just go away! Press Alt + 4 and go check your fax machine cause you are living in the past.  If you gonna read this and ask yourself why people are going bonkers about .JPGs ... just go away. You are not Banano material and you should stick to your France '98 Panini stickers. I will be here ... with my monKeystaks! 


Why cryptomonKeys? Why Banano? Because was the only reason that kept me playing Alien Worlds. Because the NFT fair and free distribution keeps surprising me every time I fine a new monkey in my wallet. One year since the MonKeydrop found a new home in my .wam, one year of gathering and adding more monKeys in the collection. I now have 33 different cryptomonKeys and aiming for 50 before 2021 ends. Is that enough? No! Got to catch'em all! 


The wBAN ripening!

How you like your bananas? Greener, ripe, black and soggy? How about your $BANANO? You want it quicker, more rewarding or DeFi ready? Wrapped or Unwrapped... how you like your $BAN? I bet you were one of the ones that went bonkers when Wrapped Banano (wBAN) was developed. Why wBAN? Because DeFi ready Banano is a thing from the future, the concept that can innovate decentralized finance.


wBan was set to run wild as a BEP-20 token, on Binance Smart-Chain, and the DeFi experiment was a success!  The wBAN was a new toy for the Ban Fam and the wBAN dashboard was the playground for cheeky DeFi monkeys. I was there .... playing with my banana and make it bigger, one of the advantages of staking wBAN.


The $BAN unique properties were perfectly integrated in decentralized finance, and wBAN made it shine even brighter. DeFi Banano trees were full of rewards and bounties, and the Monkeyverse embraced the innovation.

In Banano I found the light,

Fast transactions, no fees.

Wrapped Banano burns bright,

Calling monkeys in DeFi trees.


And again... why Banano?

Have you ever felt like being part of something bigger? Have you ever had a place where you can be yourself? The banano community is awake 24/7 and I can always go there and throw a rude joke, no one will get offended. I can go on Discord and start chatting about ants or about Einstein and will always be someone to answer and entertain the topic. If Banano will be a dude ... will definitely be a surfer riding the waves in Hawaii, the dude that will have 20 mojitos a day and skinny dip at night! Banano is freedom! 

Why promoting the Banano Writers Contest?

I like a competition to be competitive and this is why I invite you all to join the challenge. Let's settle the debate and see who is better at handling pens, pencils, bananas and BANANO. Just write an article about BANANO and post it on your personal blog or blogging platform. Then share it on Twitter with a short description and the #whyBANANO $BANANO #Crypto tags. Read the full details in the Contest Announcement


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