Fantasy Football Competitions Updates: Premier League and UEFA Champions League

Fantasy Football Competitions Updates: Premier League and UEFA Champions League

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 14 Oct 2021

Premier League 2020-2021

The Premier League Fantasy Football 2021 - 2022 continues over the weekend with round eight. Seven games scheduled on Saturday, two on Sunday and only Arsenal v Crystal Palace on Monday.


Premier League Fantasy Football

If you joined the #Club1BCH League of Crypto I praise you for your decision! If you didn't ... you are missing the competitive fun but you can still join! Weekly updates will be published on and the Fantasy Footbal noisecash channel.

See the links below:

Updates, rules and prizes

Updates will be posted on ReadCash so will be a good idea to join... but it's not mandatory. The noisecash channel will be used for updates and general chats and noise will be used by myself (PVM), (Crackers) and the  #Club1BCH family to keep everyone updated. If you are not using yet you should know is like Twitter but on steroids!

You will need a Bitcoin Cash wallet to receive the prize if you finish the season on the top positions and you need to tell me who you are on read or noise so I can tag you.

The manager of the month will be rewarded with $1 worth of BCH so everyone has a chance to earn some Bitcoin Cash if will be the leader of the league when the month ends. The Christmas bonus is $5 worth of BCH for the manager who will be top of the league on the 25th of December.


August Manager of the Month : @Panky

September Manager of the Month: @merurial9

October Manager of the Month: not me!


@bmjc98 is the League Treasurer and she is in charge of the wallet where the prize money will be held. The prize allocation will be discussed at one point and some initial stats and percentages will be shared with the participants. The current value of the prize pool is 83 USD at the time of writing.

Half of the tips from this article will be sent to the #Club1BCH Fantasy Football Wallet, including the tips from Rusty!

If you want to support the competition feel free to contribute:



Round 7 analysis

I made so many wrong choices, but not as bad as @bmjc98 who swapped Mo Salah for Cristiano Ronaldo. I had Ronaldo as a captain and he made 2 points only ... what a disappointment . No high points for any of the players and only 31 points for me.


There are now 92 participants in the League of Crypto and@merurial9 is the leader, not only the manager of the month. The next people I know are @Panky on 5th, @HappyBoy on 13th, @Mr_Trenzs on 21st, @Crackers on 24th, @bmjc98 on 27th. I am stuck on 62 and I am slowly going downhill towards the 92nd place.

Make sure you keep your team updated and adapt it to the current round. Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!


UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League 2021-2022 Fantasy League was a spontaneous competition we created few hours before the start of the competition, as something exclusive for the Bitcoin Cash Community, therefore only for and users!

Round two was great for me, as I added Lewandowski and Wendel in my team. This two changes made a 30 points boost for my squad, and with 70 points I was joint manager of the round with the @CashKitten team! The 3rd place this round was taken by the $AxieBCH team, with 69 points.


Wait what? Yes ... you this is 100% true! @CashKitten and AxieBCH joined the Fantasy League and by the look of it, they have great managers.


We had 8 participants in Round 1 and ten more joined our ranks for Round 2. I know @Crackers   @meitanteikudo   @leejhen   @nheng1118   @HappyBoy  @George_Dee  @bmjc98 @TheStudent and @adereign (King Joseph) are in the league but I don't know the others. If you are a participant please let me know in the comments.

TheStudent is the league leader with 140 points, followed by 3 other managers with scores above 100. @Crackers is 2nd with 105 points, with 2 more than me and 3 more than @meitanteikudo. @Mr_Trenzs is 5th with 95 points.


Another thing that you may noticed is that the league is now called AxieBCH Arena because some of the participants are AxieBCH scholars. The AxieBCH gaming guild is constantly looking for good Axie Infinity scholars and you should check the website if you are interested.

The best project on SmartBCH has offered a 500 $AxieBCH tokens prize for the manager of the week. I declined the prize and this was given to Crackers, the top manager from Round 1. 

The collaboration with the AxieBCH gaming guide continues as 500 $AxieBCH will be offered each round until the end of the group stage. An extra prize of 1000 $AxieBCH will be awarded to the winner of the competition.


Round 2 was a spectacular one, with a high goal average. The biggest surprise was the Sheriff Tiraspol win on Santiago Bernabeu. Real Madrid shock defeat is a result that proves that underdogs stories are still happening.

0275ece5eb6727ab0e8d58c3d7059f38.jpegWe already have top-scorer contenders, and the competition will get even more interesting after the group stage. Haller is having a great start, which 5 toals in 2 games. Its no surprise to see Sarah and Lewandowski in the top, with Nkunku filling the podium.


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