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Elrond launched Maiar and eGOLD hit new ATH!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 13 Feb 2021

Elrond Network is a highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for Dapps and block-chain solutions. Elrond's Adaptive State Sharding Mechanism was designed to bring a 1000-fold cumulative improvement in throughput and execution speed is the future of block-chain. Elrond Network worked continuously to improve the over-crowded and slow moving crypto market, by creating the tool which will boost the transaction speed. This tool was Elrond (ERD), which later transformed in into Elrond Gold (EGLD) for bigger stability and fine-tuning economic parameters that can upgraded the global economic system. 


I said it in July 2020, I say it again now! Elrond is underrated! Even if Elrond Gold reached a new All-Time High this week, the value is still not reflecting the real value. Elrond Gold (EGLD) started from $68 a week ago, and skyrocketed to All-Time High on the 9th of February, reaching the value of $214.12 per unit. I always considered Elrond underrated and this breakthrough shows that I was right. 

As the Elrond evolution continued, Maiar was launched on the 31st of January. The Elrond Network wallet comes with a nice layout, unique herotags for the users, vault, wallet and stickers. 

The referral program gives $10 cashback to new users when they buy $200 worth of Elrond Gold (eGLD) and 100% of friends commission. Check MAIAR, Elrond 's new wallet, for $10 cashback, a top teferral system and other rewards. The wallet looks fresh and has some unique features, such as herotag and stickers. The app allows users to buy and transfer cryptocurrencies using just the recipient’s phone number. 

I installed MAIAR and moved my Elrond Gold (eGLD). Sending it straight into a EGLD wallet was almost instant and the fee was minimal, only 0.001 eGLD.


In less than a minute, my Elrond Gold was in the MAIAR wallet. At the time of the transfer, eGLD was still under $100. The wallet also has an Ethereum wallet and a Binance wallet.


The first top feature of MAIAR is the herotag, an unique username that can be used in all apps or platforms powered by Elrond. I already used my herotag to login on a Twitter giveaway. Doing the task and using my herotag skipped the part when I had to manually add my wallet to receive the payment. This feature will simplify many block-chain transactions and even the gaming experience.


Completing the guide will award points and unlock stickers. The intermediate guide has four steps: Allow contacts, Create herotag, Invite friends and read the information. By recommending friends, anyone can earn eGLD, as 100% of the commission will be distributed to the referrer. 


Browsing around, I found another cool feature ... the Goal Setter! MAIAR users can set a goal and choose how often to be reminded. I set my goal to buy 5 EGLD, but this was before it nearly surged to triple value. I set a reminder every month.


I will still buy fractions, as ELGD price will only rise. Why I believe this? Because is a limited Elrond Gold supply for staking and rewards. Every new user joining will decrease the reward. Elrond Gold is a fixed supply token, therefore the demand will grow while the supply will be smaller and smaller. As you read, 56.86% of the 17.1 million EGLD on the market are staked.


The Sticker System will set the user global position. The social tab will unlock stickers based on MAIAR friends. A "Loner" will have under 10 friends, while a "Party Starter" will have between 10 and 24. You become an "Influencer" by having between 25 and 49 friends, which means you will be in the top 0.9% of all users. The "Celebrity" will have between 50 and 99 friends, and the "Rockstar" level is acheived after 100 friends. Being a Rockstar will set you in the top 0.1% of the users.


The Learn tab will unlock stickers based on the level. Momentarily, the learn system is not live yet. Users can evolve from Troll to Maiar, based on their learning activity! I am not sure if this will be similar to Coinbase Earn or totally different. Probably will be hard to become a mighty elf wizard!


Not a shrimp! Not a shrimp! The Money tab will unlock stickers based on the amount of Elrond Gold you hold. I am thrilled to be a Crab, and looking at the requirements, I will die as a Crab. The user with over 100 eGLD will be an Octopus and over 1000 will be a Dolphin. The Elrond Gold Whale will have about $2,000,000 worth of eGLD in his wallet.


Pancake Swap was the first project to integrate eGLD on Binance Smart Chain, by adding the Elrond Pool, where CAKE can be staked for eGLD rewards. Elrond Gold pairing with Binance Coin (BNB) was also added as an LP option to farm CAKE,

Elrond market cap passed 3 billion USD when the eGLD price reached $200. This success is linked to the MAIAR launch, which reached over 100,000 users in one week. The expantion will continue for the rest of 2021, with major partnerships hinted by the team.

Earth *needs* a new financial system not patching a broken zero sum financial game. Digital, decentralized, and open to anyone in the world. There is no competition. Humanity *needs* a high bandwidth, low latency financial system, accessible to anyone, anywhere. - Beniamin Micu


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