Cosmos Ecosystem Bounties And Strategies - Gonna Catch'em All

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 27 May 2024

There are so many airdrops announced for 2024 that I have goosebumps! I've got Celestia, Dymension, AltLayer and some memecoins on Cosmos, but the Saga Genesis and the way they planned the airdrop was extraordinary! Saga has multiple utility, and in addition to the underlying utility of staking to secure the Saga Mainnet and paying for Chainlets, the $SAGA token represents membership into a community with a shared set of values.

Saga is that protocol that allows developers to take a single tenant VM and automatically launch it on a dedicated blockchain, complete with fully provisioned validators and an optimally incentivized security structure. I plan to use the $SAGA airdrop to open new doors, and secure more opportunities! 


I was eligible for 1050 $SAGA tokens, ticking the boxes for the Polygon and Celestia loyalty campaign. I've completed the $TIA tokenholder first and got 50 tokens allocation, and then got surprised when I've seen I will be getting one thousand more for being a $MATIC staker. I am staking them since 2021 and probably got an insane multiplier! 

Even if the price started to go downhill faster than memecoins on Solana, my airdrop allocation was still valued at $7516 when checked. I decided to HODL all, as the Saga vision and roadmap will bring a cascade of other airdrops. Sent some to the alt-wallet, to make sure I will be eligible on both, and delegated to two different validators. 

When the price will pump, I can withdraw one stash and take some profits. The unstaking takes 21 days, which makes my forecast more difficult. Thank you Saga for this ... and I guarantee that my loyalty is strong! More airdrops will follow... and Saga will keep on giving!


If the Saga airdrop was mind-blowing, the Nibiru one was a fiasco! They managed to break the allocations, and somehow I got zero $NIBI even if I completed all tasks! I trolled on Twitter and earned 82,000 points... and somehow the airdrop skipped my wallet.

Everything was linked, even received 10 NIBI to cover gas fees... and that's all. Their Discord is a mess, keywords are blocked so questions are restricted,  everyone complains, and no one answers. They even have a 6-hours delay until you can write again in the "Report Scam" channel.


Looks like memecoin season started on Cosmos, and I've got some stuff for staking $TIA and $DYM. I received the dog memecoin called $HAVA, and staked it all for eons. This was a limited time opportunity for VIP and OGs. 

It looks good to see two and a half million tokens staked at 1966% APY. Imagine if $HAVA goes ballistic, and reaches one cent this year. PVM will cash out a 25k check and will visit the Maldives. It's  bigger chance they rug pull or go to zero... but a degen can hope! 


The $TORO airdrop was more interesting, as the amount of tokens available for claiming were halved after each phase. I was able to claim 284,293 tokens due to my bag of staked $TIA, the biggest allocation possible. 

The amount of tokens got halved each week, until the claiming period was closed. Received the tokens straight into my Keplr wallet, but their value is under a dollar. Maybe $TORO will grow during the bull market! 


My airdrop hunting strategy includes voting on all snapshots I can vote. Used my $DYM to adjust the minting parameters of Dymension, and also for the 2D software upgrade. This was important because opened the game for permissioned RollApps in the Ecosystem, leading to the NIM airdrop! 

What's NIM? NIM will be the native token of Nim Network, the first RollApp on Dimension NIM. It will be used to pay transaction fees on the chain, facilitate governance, and fuel the NIM economic flywheel.


NIM aims to unify and aggregate many different infrastructure solutions to enable AI Gaming at scale. The core mechanism will be the NIM flywheel, targeting onboarding and funding of new primitives... and only then utilizing them in-game with a fee-sharing mechanism. 

"All Dymension stakers, from the smallest to the largest, will be included in the drop. NIM aims to be a chain for everyone". This was absolute class from NIM, which made even my alt wallet eligible. I WAS RIGHT! I salute you DYMon hands!


The NIM Network Genesis Rolldrop got even better, as the final calculations and allocations were updated. In total, over 450,000 people have claimed 73M $NIM. Simple stuff... as 17,000,000 unclaimed tokens have been equally distributed among the claimers.

On average, those eligible could see a 20% increase in their allocation... capped at 20,000 NIM. A classy touch added by the team, and a nice boost for my final allocation. I will now receive 399 $NIM for the upcoming TGE! WAGMI!


The Mande Network will be a credibility hub for Web3. This RollApp on Dymension is an open on-chain reputation layer, which will record credit scores, ratings, activities, reputation, and digital identity accomplishments. 

As every new protocol or RollApp on Dymension, they included DYM stakers for the genesis drop. I checked my address and I will receive at least 9.68 $MAND on genesis day. The amount can increase depending on the number of addresses that will claim.


Residual Income:

Play2Earn: Upland / Splinterlands / Doctor Who

Cashback Cards: Plutus Card / 

Fountains: PipeFlare / GlobalHive ZCash 

Creators bundle: Publish0xHive & Presearch

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