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By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 28 Mar 2021

If you look into the British Dictionary, you will find out that testimonial is a word used for a written declaration that will certifying a person's character, or to the value of excellence. 

Bityard is the world leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, fully regulated and compliant with international laws, with the main activity in cryptocurrency contracts with leverage and derivatives exchange. It has licenses from four different countries: The USA, Australia, Singapore, and Estonia.


All the above will make no difference for customers and traders if the platform will be slow, full of errors or hard to understand. But Bityard leads by example and is easy to use either on mobile or computer. As a proof for their high standards, Youtube guides and videos were added on a post that asked traders to post videos about their experience on Bityard

I started using it after a writing competition on Publish0x which made me explore it and play with the tools and features. I like Bityard because is fast and is mobile friendly, with 27/7 customer support in nine different languages. I made this video to show how mobile friendly is Bityard.

I never been a crypto day trader as I am a HODLer by definition and I have issues with my gambling personality.  However, I started exploring Contract Trading on Bityard as a way to explore the pairs and learn but to chase financial gains. The whole purpose was to create educational content. I wrote an article about how to do Bitcoin and Ethereum contract trading and recorded this Youtube video about Bitcoin Contract trading.


I knew that my friends from #Club1BCH are using Bityard as well and they were more than happy to share their experience. Martin, aka MoreGainStrategies, made this amazing video about support and resistance lines/zones in trading. I must admit I watch it and learned a lot of new helpful tips.

The Beginner's Guide for Bityard Trading made by Jane1289 will provide the basic knowledge for the traders that want to start their Bityard journey.

Eybyoung's video is a tour of Bityards, and trading made simple. One of my favourite Bityard video guides.

A little tour in the Bityard world made by bmjc98 is a clear example of complex contract / simple trade made possible on Bityard. This video shows all the tools and features used in contract trading, and how to increase efficiency.


Laurenceuuu came with a tutorial for beginners and a guide on how to use Bityard for trading.

Eirolfeam2 created a Bityard trading platform tutorial, one of the best I seen lately. Was a pleasure to watch it and gave me a different view of features I knew already.


Which one was your favourite video? Which one was the most educative?

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