Binance Launchpool - Project Galaxy ($GAL) intergalactic farming!

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 4 May 2022

I was waiting for a new earing opportunity on Binance, as not much happened in 2022. We had the League of Kingdoms ($LOKA) and the STEPN ($GMT) Launchpads and nothing since March. Both were good but I was missing the Launchpool's power farming. 

Move-to-Earn STEPN (GMT) on Binance Launchpad

Binance's gift for the start of 2022 - League of Kingdoms

It looks like CZ listened to my prayers and added Project Galaxy ($GAL) as the 30th Launchpad on Binance. The Crypto holders can stake Binance Coin, BUSD and CAKE to farm $GAL, the token that powers the Web3 credential data network. Project Galaxy has 200,000,000 $GAL total token supply and the Binance Launchpool will share 1.5% of it (3,000,000 tokens)


The farming will last for 30 days, between 29th of April to 28th of May 2022. The farming rates were higher until 5th of May, when the token was listed into the Innovation Zone. Galaxy ($GAL) was added with Bitcoin, Binance Coin, BUSD and Tether trading pairs. The token Smart Contract Address for both Ethereum and Smart Chain are GAL (ERC-20) and GAL (BEP-20). 

As usual, the majority of the tokens will be shared by the users staking Binance Coin (2,1000,000 $GAL), and smaller shares for CAKE and BUSD stakers. The reward will be updated hourly, and users can accumulate their rewards until the end of the farming period. Because at the moment is only one active launchpool, I choose to keep my BNB in the Vault. I will receive both BNB interest and daily shares of $GAL tokens. Three days after the farming started, I already farmed 2.62 tokens.


I had some spare BUSD in the flexible earnings, and chose to use them to stake $GAL. Farmed a small fraction of GAL but any value is better then zero! Don't keep lazy crypto in your portofolio.


Let's hope that the GALAXY earnings will reach intergalactic levels, as the limited edition Coca-Cola claims about the Intergalactic taste! To be honest I didn't felt any amazing flavour, maybe because I am not from Earth and I am used with the taste of stardust!


Project Galaxy is a Web3 credential data network that aimed to build an open and collaborative infrastructure, Project Galaxy helps Web3 developers and projects leverage digital credential data and NFTs to build better products and communities. Galaxy will empower developers and will enable curators to aggregate credentials onchain and offchain. 

GAL will work as native utility and governance token, as a payment method for fees and for curating credentials. Curators are incentivized to stake #GAL tokens to signal a credential data sets value. I will farm it, hold it and see how the project unwraps. For tech savvy people ... this is how Galaxy works


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