Move-to-Earn STEPN (GMT) on Binance Launchpad

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 6 Mar 2022

STEPN - a Move-to-Earn Health and Fitness Application   Binance keeps rewarding the users with constant treats, and the Launchpad is one of the sweetest things that CZ offers to binancians. But let's forget about treats and cakes as a Move-to-Earn Health and Fitness App is the newest project added by the Binance Launchpad.

The Move-to-Earn Health and Fitness Application implemented the usage of NFTs to quantify data and reward the holders. STEPN users that hold the Sneaker NFT will earn tokens for their walking. The STEPN project has a dual-token system: the game token - Green Satoshi Token (GST) and the governance token - Green Metaverse Token (GMT). Binance Launchpad will distribute 420,000,000 GMT tokens to the users that will commit BNB. The sale price is set at 0.01 USD per 1 GMT token.  


How does the Binance Launchpad work? 

To keep it simple I attached the infographic. The daily average is calculated then the user commits and get the tokens after BNB is deducted. "SIMPLES!" as the meerkat from Compare the Market would say.


STEPN is the 28th project that will use the Binance Launchpad for token distribution. The system is unchanged from previous events, with a 7 days preparation period. The BNB balance will be recorded and the 7 days average will determine the amount of Binance Coin that can be committed for the sale. The Hard Cap per user is set at 15,000 USD and the Launchpad will share 7% of the total token supply.  


Launchpad Timeline

The preparation period ends when the clock moves to the 9th of March and the subscription period will open at 6 AM. The subscription will be open for all eligible users for a 3-hour period. Users must confirm, commit and sign the Token Purchase Agreement before the BNB gets locked.  The Calculation Period will start immediately after the subscription ends.

The Final Token Distribution is planned after 10 AM GMT but usually is completed between that time and midday. The final token allocation will be calculated and the corresponding BNB will be deducted from the already-locked BNB amount. Once deducted, your GMT and BNB tokens will both be transferred to your spot wallet.


Why do I like the STEPN Launchpad?

The first reason is pure tokenomics... as GMT is the native governance token of STEPN and multiple use cases. The Launchpad will not share the useless game token, instead we can get a token that can be used to participate in governance, for profit distribution and access to in-app perks.

The second reason is based on my routine and lifestyle. I am an active person and I walk/run a lot. This year I already been out for exercising 30 times and run 205 km. 


Between 2018 and 2022 I run 2500 km! How do I know that? Because I use my Nike Running App only for running! I would definitely consider the STPN app as it brings rewards for activities that I do already. I imagine I would earn lots of cool NFTs considering the amount of running I am usually doing.


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