PipeFlare, Zcash (ZEC) faucet & extra PivX

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 6 Aug 2020

Big thank you to Bragato18 for this recommendation as I seen this faucet in one of his posts.

PipeFlare is the newest source of free crypto, offering faucet claims for ZCash (ZEC) every 20 hours, and PivX, every 24 hours. The website is run by Pipeline Marketing Inc, and has  similar structure as the Global Hive and Horizen Faucets ones, but with much better referral structure. e91e62611edf47a11770bb8f40242a5f5dc89c5eba2da55504fb09d667a0b65f.jpeg

On "My Rewards" tab you must add the ZEC and PivX wallet. Once you link your Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter accounts the reward is upgraded to 1.9x. If the claim is made from Brave Browser, than you will earn 20% more. Similar to Hive and GetZen, you will receive a bonus roll after each five consecutive claims.a4ef78a596988e70b334aa212315b5e5e9a4c7f566984121c3fc9d8f28075f1f.jpeg

PipeFlare is much better then the others because of the Tier 4 Referral system. If at GetZen and Hive you get a bonus roll for each referral, at PipeFlare you get 5% reward from the value your referral claims. The good news keep coming, as you will  receive 3% bonus from the referral referrals, until the tier 4 referral.


The ZEC reward was in my Binance account in about 20 minutes after the claim, and PivX in 3 hours, as PipeFlare has no minimum withdrawal threshold or no withdrawal fees.


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