AMPLification weekend: An analysis of tips, income and interaction

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 30 Nov 2020

On 25th of November, Dan Bainbridge announced the integration of Ampleforth (AMPL) for tipping and a future focus on DeFi projects. Amplefort will have the highest tip chance, at 47% and will replace Loopring (LRC). Users can withdraw the Loopring tokens before 15th of December. Any LRC left on Publish0x will be automatocally swapped with Ampleforth. The Ampleforth rebasing will not occur inside the Publish0x wallets.

You might have noticed that we have become a little DeFi obsessed here at Publish0x. Simply put, we think DeFi is where the activity is in blockchain right now - Dan Bainbrige


The Ampleforth meme competition was announced in the same day. The creation contest reward pool is $400 worth of AMPL, rewarding 20 submissions with $20 worth of Ampleforth. The memes must use the hashtag #AMPLMeme, and tag @Publish0x before the 7th of December.


Two days after the implementation, on the 27th of November, the AMPLification weekend was announced, offering tips boosted by 50%. Over the weekend all tips were in Ampleforth only. Another giveaway took place, as $100 in $AMPL will be shared to users who shared a screenshot of their tip in AMPL. A special pay day for Ampleforth was set on the 1st of December and the cap was lowered from $1 to $0.50. All this news took the community by storm and the weekend was like a gold mine. Five days after the implementation I have gathered nearly $18 worth of Ampleforth, and over 50% was made with the articles published during the AMPLification weekend.


But how this affected others? Lets start with the tips I have in one day. The calculation will be done at a 100% tip for the author because this is how I'm rolling. I tip the quality of the content and I prefer to end the day with tips in bag than to tip for the sake of tipping, therefore someone will get a 100% tip or no tip at all.

The first tip of the day is always bigger, and this was given a bit after midnight, to Heruvim78 for his article about Micronutrients and malnutrition - Vitamin E. Is no better place to get the daily crypto news and a large amount of information about micronutrients and healthy lifestyle.51b67b83a3cd27217d5408a8346c72f134cf4eefe40fbd6ed4223bcef4037928.jpeg

SamBTC article about BarnBridge, and the reasons why he is moving his founds in there, was an enjoyable lecture before going to sleep.d80ba998340959f0fd497bd0e042a05fcc795842b5f7aa7e28812cffe8b144f3.jpeg

Rise and shine people! My 3rd tip of the day went to Roberto's "25 Scandium NFT randomly assigned", and his amazing work on promoting the Periodic Elements by sharing free NFT's to the community. af2c42143434f4b23441cfff8bfbf9853b0d52c194f0a845fd2b6e6dd0555288.jpeg

An article about the Hive ecosystem and Splinterlands got the 4th Sunday tip. He recently started playing the game and us becoming quite good at it.


My favourite source of political news comes from Steven_BA, and his post about how Blockchain used in elections can improve the voting system deserved the 5th tip of the day.


Whenever you need an escape from crypto, tired_momma posts about wonderful travel destinations is the best way to relax. The Ford's Car Show was an amazing escape and a good day to contemplate how many things we were taken for granted before the Covid-19 pandemic. Highly recommended!e34f8e0b1058e32d254f00a8a9343fbcc180d512380b461ac35ededc8d6bc58f.jpeg

Steven_BA managed to get the last tip of the day, with his Investment advice and what I go so far, where he is sharing his up to date experience with crypto and his first crypto profit obtained by trading Ripple (XRP). He is new in the crypto world and his adventures make me remember how it was to be a beginner in cryptocurrencies.  c86eb91d766506abe9b033425dcde977ae6d000a9fceba162a2e0094543dd107.jpeg

A total of 0.1486 AMPL, equal with $0.21, was shared through tips. It is known that the 1st tip of the day is higher than the others, and the value of this particular one was 35% of the daily amount. Something that not many are aware, is that the second tip of the day is also bigger than the other ones, half the value of the first but double than the normal ones. Tomorrow I will make my first withdrawal of Ampleforth, and after that I will follow closely how this will shift in my Metamask wallet. 


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