A series of "What if?" events in my Bitcoin story

A series of "What if?" events in my Bitcoin story

By PVMihalache | Mind Puzzle | 28 Nov 2021

The 3rd of March 2020 ... my first post on Publish0x! Three sentences and a picture...that's all! You can't find the "post" anymore because I delete it later on, when I went back to the humble beginnings and judged that the majority of the early posts were low quality. 


If you entered late in the Cryptoverse ... let me tell you that Bitcoin was £200 in October 2015. It was then when I sold 1.6 BTC for £311 and another 2.1 in the following days. I had 3.7 BTC and sold them for only £720 over 6 years ago and I am still thinking "what if?" from time to time. 

At today's value, my small Bitcoin holding would be valued at $240,000. Wow! That's a life changing amount ... and sometimes my brain goes in overdrive thinking what I could do with that amount of money... but most of the times I am able to accept that selling them opened new doors and opportunities (not really!)


With the money I got from selling Bitcoin I bought 40 Ethereum, which I sold again at a low price in 2017. I bought Litecoin and still have them now ... but they are far from being that 100x cryptocurrency. But the whole crypto bloom is the result of Satoshi, and I am happy to see that the people from Budapest unveiled a statue in his honor. 

Imaginea articolului Creatorul Bitcoin are acum statuie: "Este zeul pieţei noastre”

This Bitcoin ATH media attention was also adopted by scammers, the good people that want to introduce you to "internet magical money", market signal or amazing offers that will make you a crypto-whale in a week. If you can't beat them ... join them! If you can't outsmart them ... try to look stupid! I can guarantee that you will have the best conversations ever, and maybe you will make a new friend.


Another category of scammers are the guys so poor that they are living under a bridge, but they have Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance Coin wallets. Sometimes I am rude but can't stop myself being blunt and ask the first question that my brain pulls out from the drawer of stupid questions.



Bitcoin pumping above $60,000 was sign of strength but how long it will trend? What if Bitcoin will reach $100,000 soon?It's clear that BCT is a store of value and is clearer that BTC us not affordable for the common crypto investor. It cannot be used as a method of payment due to high fees and buying now will not guarantee a big profit.


Because of all the above reasons ... I am focusing on Bitcoin Cash, which at $550 has a whole world ahead. Bitcoin Cash has utility and continued Satoshi's vision of a peer2peer method of payment. Will talk in 3 years ... time will tell! What if I made the right choice?

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