A Hive Life Changer - Threadoor Recruit and Emerging Artist

By PVM | Mind Puzzle | 4 Jun 2023

The Leo Finance Zealy sprint will share $10,000 from the prize pool to the top lions, the ones that climb the leaderboard and finish in the top 50 places! The $10,000 Zealy Quest includes daily tasks, writing, threading, onboarding, and even stuff for artists!

Maybe I am not as active as others, but being around since December 2020 makes me an OG lion! You probably got used with my since I turned into a threadoor recruit, and the next step is to impress with my emerging artist skills!  

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One week to go and I am there... currently 40th in the Zealy leaderboard. The struggle is real and now is the time to push and consolidate my position. Everyone will do their best and climb into the reward zone!

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But how Leo Threads changed my Hive life? It's simple to explain ... as it made me re-discover LeoFinance and the unstoppable power of web3 content. I write on many platforms and blogs, earning crypto or USD, but none of them are truly decentralized.

The content is stored on a decentralized blockchain and cannot be taken down nor censored, while users can earn $LEO tokens from posting or engaging with other posts. The community ownership is given by $LEO tokenomics, as users gain power for the $LEO staked.  

Threads has become part of my daily routine, constantly engaging with the community through posts or constructive feedback. A prime example of how powerful the Leo pack has grown was the accelerate pace of spreading the bad news of the Discord hack! In only minutes from the attack, the warning was shared like wildfire! Threads, tweets and DMs were quickly sent and the community was made aware of the danger!  

Why I am bullish on $LEO? Because more $LEO power brings more opportunities! More staked $LEO gives more voting power, better rewards for curating content and cool ranks. I want to build a solid portfolio on Hive, and the LEO tokens will be one of the power-houses! Coming back to being/feeling OG Lion, and showing off my work from the last Artist challenge!

Go bigger or go home they say ... so I went bigger! Game on and time to draw the "Leader of the Pack"!   I take on all kind of challenges and competitions, probably getting too competitive. The Zealy campaign was a "Hive Life Changer" because it got me back to the roots! In the era of AI and digital art... I took the pencils and crayons out from the shelf where they've been long forgotten!  

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I was proud of how the OG Lion turned up and I had to create something to make the others say WOW! What a Hive fife changer has Leo Threads done! I am having fun with colors, making doodles and acting like a child.  

The Leader of the Pack requires an intermediate level of talent, and the quest is a teaser for the upcoming Leo Finance referral system. Everyone who will reach a set amount of invites per year will receive a special NFT!  

How I approached the task? With pencils, wax crayons and final touches of highlighter. I wanted to touch the power of the pride, as the alpha lion will lead his family to greatness.  

The wax crayons were used to give deepness to the drawing, and normal colors to give a little 3d touch to the landscape. The paw marks represent the climb, as every great journey starts with a single step. My Hive resurrection started with a single thread!  

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The Leader of the Pack will march proud even when the scorching sun will burn bright. The King has a kingdom to rule, and a family to feed! I am now two steps away from defeating the final boss... and I am just getting started!

The rusty drawing skills are getting polished and I am ready for the final challenge! Maybe is time for another Hive life changer and explore the NFT Showroom. Is the art good enough to create my first NFT collection on Hive?

" " \" \"image.png\"\"""

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