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Unibright Crypto Review - What Is Unibright?

By mikedcrypto | mikedcrypto | 9 Mar 2022


What is this Unibright crypto you keep hearing about?

In this review, I explain what Unibright is.

I cover everything from their UBT token, Baseledger network, partnerships and much more.


00:00 Intro

00:31 Unibright Company Mission

01:07 Unibright Project Components

01:22 UBT Token Information

03:25 Unibright Framework Workflow Designer

04:37 Unibright Connector (ConUBC)

06:09 Baseledger Network

09:49 Unibright Freequity (Enterprise DeFi)

10:40 Partnerships

12:19 Conclusion

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Crypto enthusiast and free speech advocate. I make videos and articles about different cryptocurrency projects. My videos are mostly news, reviews and tutorials.


I am a crypto enthusiast since 2015, and free speech advocate. I write articles and make videos where I share reviews, news and tutorials about different cryptocurrency projects.

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