I do not ask how many are the enemies, but where are they! (My daily rewards last week in Splinterlands)

  What happened with Splinterlands lately?

Seems that the Runi NFT is doing great on Opensea today. Also, the staked SPS daily airdrop​ on the Genesis League game started yesterday, stake your SPS if you want to get some extra tokens. (Check without making an account using this link: ) If the game is too difficult, I may sell the GLS tokens and get more SPS instead. On Splinterlands, my priorities are to upgrade the Epic RW summoners and the Legendary cards as soon as possible. Land NFTs and Tower Defence Nightmare packs are also rewarding SPS now.

There are some changes coming soon, with the cards level and rarity impacting the rewards received playing matches, which means the bots playing with all the level 1 cards may get less after the proposal is accepted. Also, there is some dividing discussion about paying Licences with DEC, which will make you to buy them possibly cheaper, at least at the beginning, and this may be good long term, as DEC may rise back to its standard value. Nevertheless, the people who paid like loads of SPS and Vouchers may feel a bit cheated, and the license rewards will decrease even more after that. 23wgDcGpWmwzGmaotePoNoc9LuvSNs2TQLbUdsAWq5TWPzc4B59Jbqud53qHaTdpVNgLp.png

On the last week, doing daily quest, I had some average results, 15 cards, no Gold card, no Legendary card, couple of Epic cards, lots of common and rare, 2 packs, some Merits, some SPS, and some potions:

No Packs

63 Alchemy potions

92 Legendary potions

18.59 SPS - biggest chest was 9.95 SPS chest this week

408 Merits - biggest chest was a 204 Merits chest this week

15 Monsters: Pelacor Bandit x3, Pelacor Mercenary, Pelacor Deceiver, Venari Heatsmith, Venari Seedsmith, Djinn Renova, Exploding Rats, Blood Maker, Everhungry Skull x2, Dhampir Infiltrator, Gargoya Lion, Medhampir.

Total value rewards this week: 1.32 $


Mightyrocklee complete portfolio statistics:

Number of cards: 1046 out of which Common: 443, Rare: 338, Epic: 152, Legendary: 113

Alpha: 22 - Beta: 49 - Promo: 17 - Reward: 318 - Untamed: 139 - Dice: 33 - Gladius: 29 - Chaos: 387 - Rift: 52

Gold cards: 247 BCX: 33972

Value: $ 19523.47

My stack of 1.14 Million SPT to @monster-curator is getting some nice daily returns, despite SPS price not raising lately. At the moment you can get quite a few SPT tokens writing in the weekly challenges or participating on different contests organized by the Splinterlands team.

If you want to play Splinterlands, give me a shout on this post, and I may lend you some nice cards, if you message me your account name here. You can use my referral which is: .

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