Changelly hidden fees! Be careful, they are aware and they don't care

By miguelm | miguelm | 19 Sep 2020

Hello all,

I just had a bad experience with a trade at Changelly that I would like to share with everyone.

Yesterday, I have decided that I wanted to buy some Nexo tokens to improve my interest rate in this platform. I went to Changelly and I did a simulation to understand what will be the cost.  The image was similar to this one:



I got an estimate of Nexo tokens I would get, I was happy with what was shown on the screen, so I went ahead and did the transaction. When the transaction was finished I realized that I received 25% tokens less, so I went ahead and open a chat with their support team. After speaking with them for a while I realized what happened, I was charged 25% in fees.

I have learned this:

1. The approximately amount you see on the screen is not what you receive, the fees are not included

2. There is a drop arrow that you need to click to check the fees

when we click the arrow, we can see the fees:



Be careful, they are aware and they don't care. You can definitely blame me or any other user that did not realize these hidden fees, and that was what the support team did with me, they simply don't care. I call it hidden fees and for me they are not transparent.

Since they got 25% of my Nexo tokens, I didn't had enough, I went to buy more at changenow, and the experience was definitely much better, what you see on the estimate of what you get, is really what you receive, and you also pay fees, the difference it's transparency!

This was my experience...hope it helps other users, but for now I would suggest for you to keep away from Changelly.

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