A Peek At My Portfolio - April 2020

By midnightfalcon72 | midnightfalcon | 26 Apr 2020

Hello my dear Crypto friends!

This is a follow-up to my post last month showing my portfolio. You can find that post Here

I keep my coins and tokens in various platforms. I therefore created an excel spreadsheet to keep track of all of them. The spreadsheet is using the CoinGecko API so that the pricing is accurate and up-to-date. It refreshes every time i open the spreadsheet or when i click the "Refresh" button.


Highlights of the past month:


  • Biggest percentage of my portfolio is still Bitcoin. I increased my holding slightly from last month mainly due to the interest that i earn from StakeCube (0.02% daily interest). I also did a couple of small exchanges to BTC.

  • I increased my Ethereum holdings from last month using some of the passive income i receive from other platforms.

  • I still keep Litecoin in Stakecube making me 0.02% interest daily. As you can see my LTC has increased slightly from last month.

  • I am staking Tezos from my Ledger hardware wallet. I continue to exchange some Tron to increase my holdings.

  • I now have 40 NBX which i have earned from using the Netbox browser.

  • I have managed to increase my BAT holdings even though i exchanged some BAT to Ethereum and ChainLink earlier in the month.


I will continue to use some of my passive income to increase my Ethereum, Tezos and ChainLink holdings over the next few months. I will post an update of my portfolio at the end of May.

Have a great day!

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