25 Days Using the Netbox Browser - Passive Income

25 Days Using the Netbox Browser - Passive Income

By midnightfalcon72 | midnightfalcon | 1 May 2020

Hello my Crypto friends!

This is an update to my previous posts on Netbox Browser which you can find here: 

I decided to do this post after 25 days since it covers the end of April.

Here are my stats for the past 25 days


  • I made 7.66 NBX in activity rewards
  • I made 0.567 NBX in staking rewards
  • I received 20 NBX Airdrop for registering and using Netbox browser
  • I have received 13 NBX in referral rewards.
Monthly Conclusion

As you can see, the activity rewards aren't big and so it will take some time to start making any meaningful gains from the staking. However i quite like the browser and there are a few interesting products on the roadmap. I am hoping that there will be a mobile version of the browser soon so that i can increase my activity when on the move. 

If you wish to try Netbox browser yourself then please use my Referral Link.  If you install Netbox using my Referral Link we both get 1 NBX. We both get an additional 3 NBX for one week of activity and then an additional 6 NBX for one month of activity! That is a total of 10 NBX.

Have a great day!


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