7 Days Using the Netbox Browser - Passive Income

7 Days Using the Netbox Browser - Passive Income

By midnightfalcon72 | midnightfalcon | 13 Apr 2020

Hello my dear Crypto friends!

This is a follow up to my "5 Days Using the Netbox Browser - Passive Income" which you can read Here:

Here are a few things i wanted to clarify:
  • Brave is still my default browser and i am still making the same amount of BAT for my attention as i always have. Netbox is not a replacement.
  • I keep Netbox running in the background throughout the day and i use it occasionally to watch YouTube videos.


How much have i made in 7 days?

Here is my Activity rewards for the past 7 days. As you can see, it varies day to day. You will also notice that they pay out every 24 hours:


In addition to my activity, i also received 20 NBX airdrop for installing and creating the wallet. 


Staking Rewards

The great thing about Netbox is that NBX is a Proof of Stake coin. You can stake directly from the browser. I am staking all of my activity rewards and my airdrops. Again you will notice that staking rewards are paid every 24 hours. You will also notice how my rewards are increasing every day as i stake more coins and the compounding effect:



What i learnt about the referral system:

The referral system pays quite well. If you install Netbox using my Referral Link we both get 1 NBX. We both get an additional 3 NBX for one week of activity and then an additional 6 NBX for one month of activity! That is a total of 10 NBX.

The one thing you need to look out for is that they give you individual referral links:


I have emailed Netbox Support to request an unlimited referral link. 

Here are some of my referral links that you can use to earn yourself some NBX:

Referral Link 1

Referral Link 2

Referral Link 3

I will post my progress on a weekly basis from now on.  Have a great day!

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