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By altcoinalien | Micro Earning Crypto | 28 Apr 2021

I first entered the wonderful world of cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Wide-eyed and full of wonder I seized any and every opportunity to learn and take in as much information as I possibly could. I quickly learned about the various platforms and apps available to earn actual crypto. I was ecstatic! So, I spent the better part of the last Bear Market earning small amounts of coins and tokens in my spare time.

Here are some of my favorite places to micro earn crypto:




Here you will perform quick tasks, mostly taking pictures (they do have a survey section that is currently inactive) from a set of categories such as cosmetic logos, beer brands and supermarket bar codes. The pictures you submit are then used for third party AI applications and machine learning. You are compensated a value of 0.05 USD per approved photograph which you can either withdraw as ETH to a wallet or as USD into a PayPal account. 


Free Bitcoin Cash and Free Litecoin by Bitcoin Aliens



Both of these work exactly the same. There is an hourly claim and a bonus claim that work much like faucets. You earn spins by watching short advertisements. For larger rewards they do have three OfferWalls. Lately I've been earning thru their Playtime OfferWall which rewards you for minutes played on a few games and slots.




200 PHT sign up bonus with my code: taynvnf9

This is a mobile app for cloud earning PHT a Tron based token. It runs in the background for a 7 day earning session at the end of which you simply click the earn button to start a new session. They also currently have 5 games within the app for earning additional PHT as well as NFT card packs. They do offer several levels of paid earning subscriptions, but I personally only run the free version and have still amassed close to 70k PHT tokens. In addition you can stake your PHT tokens on the app as long as you have at least 20k PHT. 




Betfury is by far my favorite one right now. This is a crypto gaming platform built on the Tron network. You can deposit crypto (currently there are 28 coins and tokens supported) and play the many casino style games. Even better still, you can collect 0.00000275 BNB as well as 1.25 Satoshi every 20 minutes and grow your earnings by playing said games. There is also an in-game currency BFG which by holding a minimum of 10 of these tokens entitles you to a daily payout from the integrated stake pool. 




This one is a Bitcoin faucet, but there is an option to withdraw your earnings as DOGE as well. You can roll and claim Satoshi every hour and the amount depends on the number you roll. You can also earn on an offer wall, from PTC ads, playing games, completing surveys, and they also have a coin multiplier. You earn coins which are then tabulated as Satoshi. At the moment every 5 coins gets you just over 1 Satoshi per my calculations. As a standalone faucet, this is probably the most generous one out there.


Soul Merge Cats


Just a fun little merge game that pays you CryptoSoul (SOUL) for completing Daily Quests. Every 4 hours you get a free vault and you get to spin a wheel once in a 24 hour period to powerup your little cats and thus bolstering your earning potential. I am super new to this one and have been playing Merge Cats lightly for a few weeks and I have already racked up nearly 5k SOUL which have a current value of just over 7 USD.




And lastly we have earncrypto.com which is a platform I have now been using for almost 4 years. By far the most fruitful of all of my micro earning mechanisms. Here you can earn from their ever-growing list (currently they are up to 68) of coins and tokens. This site works much like most other earning platforms - you complete surveys, download apps, watch videos, and even clipping coupons and data entry pay you. As I mentioned before this one has netted me the most in crypto earnings.                                                                                                                                                                     

Here is a list of my most notable hauls off of earncrypto.com to date:

4,733 Dogecoin (DOGE)

10,745 Holo (HOT)

385 IOStoken (IOS) 

1,171 Siacoin (SC)

77 Cardano (ADA)

49 Basic Attention Token (BAT)

0.00145 Bitcoin (BTC)

0.5265 Ethereum Classic (ETC)

5,008 Bytecoin (BCN)

0.22935 Litecoin (LTC)

8,805 Reddcoin (RDD)


In conclusion, while none of these sites or apps will make you rich, they can be an excellent way for you to add to current positions or to dabble in smaller cap crypto without the risk and without shelling out any funds. The only investment you will be making here is a little bit of your time.

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Navigating blockchain trying to hitch a rocket ride to the moon...

Micro Earning Crypto
Micro Earning Crypto

For the better part of four years now, I've been micro earning various coins and tokens on a few different platforms. Mostly small cap coins such as Siacoin (SC) , Reddcoin (RDD), Holo (HOT) as well as some fun ones like Phoneum (PHT) and CryptoSoul (SOUL). My main focus has always been on number of coins rather than on price since my investment goals are long term.

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