What future awaits Bitcoin after the Federal Reserve measures?

The printing of US dollars can be decisive in the future of cryptocurrency

The United States has for months become the country most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. An unprecedented economic crisis triggered unemployment rates, saw a considerable decline in domestic consumption, and demanded urgent fiscal and monetary policies .

The injection of money into the system, as well as in the main banks around the world, has been the fastest solution to refloat the economy, although the discussion about its long-term effectiveness has kept specialists busy .

According to US media, in the near future the Federal Reserve could start the banknote printer again. The organism's idea would be to keep interest rates low in the coming years, while increasing inflation to controllable levels and boosting job creation. The proposal, according to experts, is very well received by followers of Bitcoin (BTC) .

According to Fed officials and North American analysts quoted by CNBC, the objective is to look for an “average inflation” that is above 2% , accompanied by an accompanying low interest rates.

Anthony Pompliano , the co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital and one of the most exposed economic analysts in the crypto ecosystem , severely criticized the US body. "They don't exactly have the best track record in hitting their targets," he shot.

"My expectation is that real estate, gold, bitcoin and stocks are going to run much, much more than they already have. Bitcoin will be the biggest winner of all because it is the most volatile."

In that line -marcadamente against the official and pro descentralizados- emerging markets and organizations, Pompliano said the investors "can not blindly trust the government, nor can they continue to believe that the decisions made are the best for them ” .

"Investors should realize that low interest rates, massive quantitative easing and artificially high inflation are signs that asset prices will skyrocket."

On the other hand, the specialist remarked that the correlation of BTC with traditional assets - it reached 95% just a few weeks ago - no longer exists. Quantum Economics founder Mati Greenspan suggested exactly the same thing, underlining that "the number one factor that drives prices is the Federal Reserve and its propensity to print . "

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