What is the purpose of Existence? Is Enlightenment possible? Why are we here?

The Path to Enlightenment (SERIES #1)

By Cameronomnia | METAPHYSICS | 23 Apr 2020

What is our purpose on Earth?


The point of being alive of being on Earth is to approach divinity as closely as you possibly can and then disseminate those rays out to mankind

Walking on Stars
Enlightenment is the sole purpose of the soul’s earthly journey. The first concept introduced to students who study at The School of Metaphysics is that of living in harmony with Universal Laws. By aligning our minds with these Universal Laws, we begin to experience the truth that is held within them. The second concept that is given is the duty that we have on this earthly plane which is to understand the Self. The understanding and sharing of our Self is the way we grow as individuals.

The way to understand the whole mind is to study the inherent abilities the whole mind possesses. These skills are found in concentration, visualization, reasoning, still mindedness, and the intuitive senses. The intuitive senses that we all have access to in some respect are clairvoyance, telepathy, Astral travel, and precognition to name a few.


Everyone has access to the deep understandings of the subconscious mind. Because Everyone dreams we all have the ability to exist beyond the physical alone.



How You See Yourself Matters!

            An important factor in each individuals progress is how the individual views the Self. How we judge or interpret our experiences in who we are determine the mental attitudes that become our internal belief system. By evolving our perspective towards a more internally based viewpoint, we begin to build on our ideal Self. We are here in this earthly classroom to learn from our experience by building inner understandings. Knowing this we may begin to understand how to improve the Self by making choices that lead us to the people, places and situations that fulfill our inner desires. Desires require the use of focused attention through the tool of the mind to be brought about.

Mind Thoughts

It All begins with Thought!


Our thoughts are very important because they reveal to us the Self behind them. When we still our minds we begin to know the observer who is behind the thoughts. Developing awareness and discovering that we are intimately connected to, as well as being a literal part of our universe, allows us to live a life filled with love. When we develop the capacity to still the mind and focus our undivided attention we become not the protagonist of our life story, but more like the author who creates our narrative. The quality of our attention and ability to become one with the Laws of creation is the path to achieving enlightenment.

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I am a student and teacher at the School of Metaphysics. I have been studying metaphysics for about 3 years now. As I gain knowledge and experience I realize that the true purpose of the light that we create in the world is the sharing and passing on of this light that is conscious creation. I am a supporter and adopter of crypto as i see it as a very powerful, necessary and world changing step towards a more idea based future.

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