Why Is The Venari Wavesmith So Overpriced? | Splinterlands #134

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 11 Nov 2021

One of the great aspects of splinterlands that keeps you returning to it is doing the daily quests and then opening those shiny reward loot chests. This is made even more alluring since the new reward cards were issued into the reward pool on Monday, September 13th. It's been over two months, and all the rewards cards have passed the 10% print rate, and more importantly, we are starting to see floor prices being set for the cards. The one peculiar card standing out (apart from the legendary cards) from the lot is the Venari Wavesmith. It's the 4th expensive card of the new reward cards, only to be outpriced by the legendary cards. Hell, it's $2 more expensive than the new Epic card Uraeus. So, what makes it overpriced?



High Valued Abilities?


If you are looking for a magic monster with the Protect ability, only two options are available: Defender of Truth and Venari Wavesmith. The Defender of Truth at level 3 will cost $420, and it unlocks the Protect ability, two magic damage, four speed, one armor, and three health. Comparatively, the Venari Wavesmith at level 4 will cost $167 and has Protect ability, two magic damage, three speed, and four health. So Venari Wavesmith is 2.5x times cheaper than Defender of Truth.


Like the above, if you are looking for a magic monster with Dispel ability, you are left with the following options: level 3 Temple Priest ($25) and level 2 Goblin Firemage ($55). Whereas the Venari Wavesmith costs $267 to unlock the Dispel ability at level 5.


No Similar Options at Level 1


At level 1, the Venari Wavesmith is the only monster that does damage with the Protect ability. The Truthspeaker has the Protect ability but with no attack. In the Novice, Bronze, and Silver leagues, the +2 armor that the Protect ability provides is excellent and helps improve the survivability of friendly monsters.


Impenetrable Water Splinter Duo


Imagine this scenario, deploy Venari Wavesmith and Crustacean King as the backline support with The Kraken as the primary tank in position 1. Venari Wavesmith Protect ability procs and provides +2 armor to all friendly monsters, taking The Kraken armor up to 5. After each subsequent round, while Crustacean King is alive, he will heal The Kraken when Tank Heal procs. A very decent combo that can be achieved with level 1 cards.



After doing the analysis, I am unsure if these reasons justify why the Venari Wavesmith is so highly valued. It could be overpriced, and the card will find lower lows as more cards are being printed.


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