Three Reasons Why Djinn Oshannus Is A Cost-Effective Phase Ability Monster | Splinterlands #138

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 27 Nov 2021

As you ascend the splinterlands leagues, you will encounter more and more magic monsters. Coming up against severe damage, maxed-level magic monsters can be a pain as they will obliterate your lineup with a couple of hits. The Phase ability was one of the newer splinterlands abilities released when the new reward cards were released. Monsters with the Phase ability will have a chance to dodge magic damage. There are five monsters with the Phase ability, and I think Djinn Oshannus may be the most cost-effective Phase ability monster to purchase.



Monsters with Phase Ability

There are five monsters with the Phase ability: Nightmare, Almo Cambio, Efreet Elder, Djinn Oshannus, and Pelacor Conjurer.



Three reasons why Djinn Oshannus is a cost-effective Phase ability monster



1. Legendary Reward Monster

Djinn Oshannus joins a slew of other legendary reward monsters. Frankly, it's been proven time and time again that investing in legendary reward monsters tends to increase after they have gone out of print. Yes, there are 20x more being printed this time, but with the growth we've experienced in splinterlands the past year, I think it will be a good purchase.


2. High Stats

Djinn Oshannus has many excellent positives; high health, high speed, magic damage, reduced magic damage, and magic dodge abilities.


3. Cheaper Alternative to Phantom of the Abyss and Ruler of the Seas

Water Splinter is spoilt for choice for magic monsters, with the two standout magic monsters being Phantom of the Abyss and Ruler of the Seas. While Djinn Oshannus may not have the same damage or abilities as these two monsters, it's still a cheaper alternative to them.


While the Djinn Oshannus may not be the cheapest, but these three reasons are why I think it's a cost-effective solution to get a decent Phase ability monster in your splinterlands deck.


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