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By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 1 Mar 2024

We are biased as we have been cheerleaders for the splinterlands game for years. In the wild wild west of the Web 3.0 ecosystem, the Splintershards (SPS) token stands out for its strong tokenonomics and dedicated community support. This optimistic assessment of SPS explores the factors driving its potential for a bull case for 2024 and 2025.


Note: This optimistic view on SPS is based on existing market trends, technological progress, and community interactions. It should not be taken as financial advice. Investors are advised to conduct their research and thorough analysis before making any investment decision.


Reason 1 – Flywheel Tokenomics

At the heart of SPS lies a mechanism that drives its ecosystem and promotes value generation. The SPS token is used for governance within the game and enables players who have staked SPS to have a say in decisions that impact the game's development direction. That aside, the flywheel mechanism within splinterlands has been cranking of late, where SPS is being continuously burned by players and the dev team to print DEC, which splinterlands stablecoin and naturally this flywheel reduces the SPS supply and increases its scarcity over time.


When SPS was introduced in July 2021, the maximum supply was 3 billion tokens. And it's expected that in 5.5 years since its introduction, all SPS tokens will have been printed. This burning mechanism not only enhances scarcity but also aligns economic incentives with ecosystem growth ensuring a sustainable path towards success.


Reason 2 - Fee-less Blockchain

This is a bull case for SPS, but how can you not want to be on a platform that is fee-less? One of the advantages of building on the Hive blockchain provides players with a cost-effective gaming experience free from high transaction fees and network congestion. This strong foundation, combined with SPS's role as a governance and reward token positions splinterlands as an innovator, in the Web 3.0 gaming sector.


Reason 3 – Passionate Community

A factor in SPS's success is the splinterlands community – a group of enthusiastic and committed players, content creators and developers. By promoting collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity splinterlands sets itself apart through engaging discussions and support for the SPS token. The community’s active involvement and steadfast backing are crucial in raising awareness increasing adoption rates and boosting the value of SPS within the cryptocurrency sphere.


Reason 4 – Technicals



It’s been a while since I have since all three dials on the splinterlands trading view page are all tilting on the buy and strong buy ticks. With BTC smashing past 40k, 50k and now 60k, that sentiment generally spills over to alts. And the best thing about it, is we haven’t hit alt season yet. Do you remember the last Crypto NFT bull run in 2021 where NFTs were hitting insane prices and certain Web 3.0 games were being labelled as potential for a new job type?




Jungles of Thece Land Update



After last week’s update, where I provided insight into the heavy decision made to end the Runi challenge, for the short-term the focus has been on harvesting every 2-3 days and staking all SPS earned to get to the 100k SPS staked milestone.


Land Overview

*(calculated based on an SPS harvest rate of three per day and an assumed SPS price of $0.0277)


SPS Staked

  • SPS Staked: 54,756.071 SPS
  • Progress to 100k target: 54,75%


Concluding Thoughts

Will we see a push-and-shove mentality streaming into the splinterlands ecosystem over the next 2 years? We will see people move on from main caps like BTC and ETH into alts and hope we see that brings an influx of players that puts pressure on the over-supply of splinterlands cards. But who knows? This is just an opinion piece and BTC could crash back down to 20k next, we look.


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