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By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 22 Apr 2021

It goes without saying that in splinterlands, there are many monster cards with various abilities. The repair ability is one of those fantastic buff abilities that, when procced, repairs the armor of the friendly monster that has taken the most damage in the round. This can be the primary tank (e.g. Lord Arianthus) or a support range damage dealer (e.g. Lone Boatman).

Data Source(s)

This is a personal tier list based on the data from these two sources:

It took a while to work through the data (lots of python) and verify as I only include data from the league/level that the monsters unlock the repair ability.


Splinterlands Repair Monsters Tier List

This is my splinterlands monsters with repair ability tier list. There are no real definitive lists in existence. This is because of the ebb and flow that happens due to rulesets, and also how an individual player can perform on any given day can affect things too much. Nonetheless, here is my splinterlands repair ability tier list based on each monster's win rates.


The best of the best. If you want to spend your time studying them well, you will be sure that you will find a lot of success. Also don't be too surprised when someone else plays them as well, for a reason, after all, they're top tier.



These monsters are very similar to the top tier, but the stats do not assist them. That said, if you're very good at one of them already, then it's probably worth it to stick with them.



It is probably also worth sticking with these splinterlands monsters. Such monsters are still fine, but the winning percentages do not fit those higher up the list.



While each of them is a fine choice, it isn't easy to justify them over others on the list. If you love the look, stick to them by all means. If you want those extra little edges, don't choose them.



Alas, these monsters just don't cut the mustard on our splinterlands opportunity tier list. In the shed, they're not the sharpest tools, but they do mean well.



This was a fun and time-consuming exercise to go through. I was surprised by the results. The Armorsmith and Scale Doctor are both cards I don't use too often, but I definitely need to consider them going forward.


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