Owning a complete Chaos Legion Regular Foil Set and Land – Update 2 | Splinterlands #244

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 15 Feb 2023

Time can feel like it passes by quickly when we're not consciously aware because we're not fully engaged in the present moment. When we're focused on tasks, experiences, or thoughts that capture our attention, time seems to slow down because we're more aware of it. However, time can feel like it slips unnoticed when we're distracted, bored, or not fully present. And this is how it felt the past season in the splinterlands ecosystem, whereby we have already had one entire season pass us by with the new reward cards. I don't know if it's a consequence of the new reward cards, but I have seen a considerable decrease in rental income in the past season.


Obtain a complete regular foil Chaos Legion set playable in Gold Leagues by the end of 2023 Q1 - Update 2

For update 2, I spent considerable time on card/account cleaning and therefore didn't need to spend any money this week for the challenge. Most of the time was focused on evaluating the Chaos Legion cards I had on my main account, sending those over to the alt account, and leveling them up as needed. Therefore when I report that new cards were added but no money was spent, this would provide further clarification.


Also, when producing a list of Chaos Legion editions and the subsequent reward cards, I used the fantastic splintercards site, which has a missing BCX tool that allows you to track how far you are from completing your set. However, more monsters appear to be shown when selecting the Diamond league (which I have now set) than when choosing the Gold league. This week's report should now have all the monsters for both Chaos Legion (edition and reward) sets.


Key Stats


So far, so good; I foresee that the challenge will become more challenging over the next few weeks as I will need to spend money to make progress. However, being in a bear market, disposable funds are not widely available, but I am focused on directing all money earned from content creation and splinterlands rewards toward this challenge.


Chaos Legion Set



Chaos Legion Reward Set




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