Noxious Fumes Ruleset Battle Mage Secrets | Splinterlands #301

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 1 Sep 2023

This week’s battle mage secrets on the Noxious Fumes Ruleset.


Ruleset Details


The Noxious Fumes ruleset inflicts all monsters in battle with Poison damage. This means that every monster on the field will suffer Poison damage at the end of each round. Therefore, the primary aim is to outlast the poison damage. Extra Health and Healing are important in this ruleset. Unlike typical battles where Tank Heal is relied upon, in this ruleset, the Healing ability takes precedence. Units with high Health and Healing abilities become invaluable, as they can withstand the Poison damage long enough to contribute to the battle. Other abilities like Cleanse, Resurrect, Life Leech, and Scavenger prove useful in the survivability of the team and give them enough health to get off one more hit in may prove the difference in a victory or loss.


Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 53
  • Rulesets(s): Noxious Fumes, Taking Sides, Equal Opportunity

Lineup Details

  • Lily Shieldpaw (Summoner): +1 healthy, Camouflage and Triage ability to all friendly monsters.
  • Pelacor Conjourer: passive tank with decent health and abilities to evade damage.
  • Uriel the Purifier: main melee DPS tank with abilities, health, and armor to aid survivability.
  • Chaos Dragon: main magic DPS tank to inflict damage from the backline with abilities, health, and armor to aid survivability.
  • Djinn Renova + Adelaide Brightwing + Venari Crystalsmith: buffs/debuffs support damage.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


When you look at the lineup I put out – I would’ve thought it was an automatic easy victory, and even though I did win the battle, it was far from easier. As it was a large mana cap battle I was able to unleash some of the higher mana cap monsters who generally have high health and higher damage. Also, I deployed the legendary summoner, Lily Shieldpaw, and it gives all friendly monsters the Camouflage ability that ensured victory was secured. Without that – I don’t think I would’ve been able to withstand the barrage from the opposition as well as outlast the poison damage.


Do you like the Noxious Fumes ruleset? Why or why not?

The Noxious Fumes ruleset employs the tactic that I don’t like in games – putting a Timer on that counts down and the player then has to react quickly or else they are dead. That’s the feeling I get when all monsters are poisoned and you need to either outlast the Poison damage or deal enough damage quickly so the opposition suffers its doomed fate. The one aspect I do enjoy about the ruleset is that it puts a spotlight on certain abilities like Cleansing becomes a critical ability to manage the Poisoned status of monsters. The list of monsters with the Cleanse ability is limited and they often have lower Health and armor, making them vulnerable. However, if you can keep them alive, it will greatly increase your chances of clinching victory.


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