Low-Cost Monsters Revel In This Ruleset | Splinterlands #367

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 27 May 2024

This week’s battle mage secrets focuses on the Holy Protection Ruleset.


Ruleset Details


In the Holy Protection ruleset, all monsters are granted the Divine Shield ability, which helps them withstand the first hit without taking any damage. This impacts every unit, making it critical to strategize during the battle phase since the first attack on each monster is nullified. Therefore, in the first round powerful monsters are rendered ineffective emphasising the importance of splash damage like the Blast ability. Combining Divine Shield with abilities like Protect (+2 armor to all friendly monsters) provides a great defensive layer for those defensive minds.


Battle – Full Battle History


Battle Details

  • Mana Cap: 16
  • Ruleset(s): Earthquake, Holy Protection


Line-up Details

  • Daria Dragonscale: +1 melee damage to all friendly monsters.
  • Pelacor Conjurer: passive tank with Magic Reflect and Flying abilities to aid its survivability.
  • Manticore + Fire Spitter: primary sources of damage for the lineup and Flying ability to counter Earthquake damage.
  • Furious Chicken: in the backline to serve as bait for Sneak and Opportunity monsters.
  • Vulguine: backline support melee monster with Scavenge ability to aid its survivability.


Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


This battle was particularly interesting due to the combination of Holy Protection and Earthquake rulesets. Therefore, regardless of what happens in the first round, everyone is going to lose their Divine Shield when Earthquake damage procs. I stacked my lineup with low-cost Flying ability monsters. The main sources of damage I was relying on were Manticore and Fire Spitter. What surprised me was how resilient the Pelacor Conjurer was with its Magic Reflect ability, it was able to last until the end of round 3. Nonetheless, Manticore and Fire Spitter came in clutch and were able to dispose of the opposition whenever they were called into action.


Do You Like the Holy Protection Ruleset? Why or Why Not?

I enjoy the Holy Protection ruleset as it encourages using lower-cost monsters as damage absorbers in the first few rounds. Therefore, I am often using monsters like Furious Chicken and Creeping Ooze. However, the Holy Protection ruleset also presents challenges. The inability of Divine Shield to counter damage like Poison or Blast means players need to factor that in.


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