Flesh Golem Battle Challenge || Ep. #23 || Splinterlands

Flesh Golem Battle Challenge || Ep. #23 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 16 Sep 2020

This week's battle challenge focuses on the Flesh Golem:


The ghastly Flesh Golems of Anumün reside in the damp root tunnels of the Elder Tree. These remnants of the lost tribes from before the Splintering have incredible powers of regeneration. Since they drink from the River of Power, the Flesh Golems each attack with the strength of a hundred men.





The Flesh Golem is one of the original tanks that has been a pivotal card in many's a people lineups over the years. At level 1, "Fleshy" provides a lot of usefulness - 2 attack, 3 speed and an almighty 9 health. Where "Fleshy" really starts to ramp up his usefulness is when he unlocks his healing ability at level 3, which only costs five cards. For $0.90 (5 BCX), you get a 10 health tank with healing ability. It is a no brainer! I have "Fleshy" at level 5 with aims to get him to level 7 to unlock the void ability.


My strategy going into battle is to use "Fleshy" as the big tank that absorbs all the damage and allow the range and magic monsters in the backline to do the massive damage. Its a sight of beauty when your initial intention and strategy plays out like you planned pre-battle. "Fleshy" survived a few rounds while absorbing most of the damage, but most importantly allowing Centaur, Cyclops and Swamp Thing to do the majority of the damage and securing the victory for us. Full Battle Replay

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