Fire Spitter Weekly Battle Challenge || Ep. #85 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 23 Apr 2021

This week's battle challenge focuses on the Fire Spitter:

Small but mighty, the Fire Spitters have recently descended upon the Dragon Splinter of Draykh-Nahka, where they fit right in. They come from a faraway exotic place only known as the *Pocket Dimension*. The Pocket Dimension has many key differences to the Splinterlands, but lots of things in common as well. Most of the monsters there are smaller than those native to the Splinterlands, including the Fire Spitter. However, even the smallest Fire Spitters can produce a magnificent blaze, large enough to easily incinerate a cottage in a few minutes.


Card Details


A Reward epic rarity monster from the Dragon Splinter at level 4:

  • Estimated cost: ~$5
  • Mana cost: 4
  • Range attack: 3
  • Speed: 4
  • Health: 6
  • Flying: Has an increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks from Monsters who do not have the Flying ability.

The Fire Spitter is one of those epic Reward cards that splinterlands players can earn by completing daily quests. It's nearly out of print as 97.21% has been printed, so get on it on completing those daily quests! As for the card itself, it's a great card! Low mana cost, good health, good range and speed damage and the flying ability to aid its survivability. When I looked at my previous season stats, the Fire Spitter had a win rate of 90%! It's fair to say that the Fire Spitter is a crucial card in my Dragon Splinter.

Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 28
  • Ruleset(s): Target Practice, Little League

Lineup Details

  • Daria Dragonscale (Summoner): +1 melee damage to all friendly monsters
  • Cerberus: primary tank + healing buffs
  • Manticore: support tank + reach/thorns abilities
  • Fire Spitter: primary range damage
  • Flame Imp: primary magic damage + speed buff
  • Goblin Shaman: support magic damage + speed/health hexes
  • Spark Pixies: support range damage

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


This battle showcased the importance of having a higher levelled Fire Spitter. The additional health (+2), additional speed (+1) and additional damage (+1) all aided in me clinching the victory. My Fire Spitter was able to take a few more hits than the enemy's Fire Spitter and land crucial blows on key enemy monsters. It didn't help that my opponent had no answer to all the buffs and hexes applied by my friendly monsters. In the end, a relatively easy victory for my team.

Do you like the Fire Spitter? Why or why not?

The best thing is that you can potentially acquire it by completing your daily quests, but it will soon be out of print. Lost Legendaries, Little League and Earthquake, are some of the rulesets that the Fire Spitter can be used extensively in. Also, it can be used interchangeably in other Splinter battles due to it being a Dragon Splinter card. This card is a must have monster card for all splinterlands players.


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