Crystal Jaguar Weekly Battle Challenge | Splinterlands #123

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 3 Oct 2021

This week's battle challenge focuses on the Crystal Jaguar:


Card Details


An untamed edition common rarity monster from the Life Splinter at level 5:

  • Estimated cost: ~$45
  • Mana cost: 4
  • Melee damage: 1
  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 6
  • Armor: 2
  • Thorns ability: When hit with a Melee attack, does damage back to the attacker.

It's been ages since we have had an untamed edition monster for the weekly battle challenge - this time, it's the Crystal Jaguar. If the Crystal Jaguar doesn't make it a splinterlands monster, it has options outside of the game. When you google Crystal Jaguar, there are multiple hits for Crystal Jaguar perfumes and delicate crystal creations on Amazon and Etsy. All these items have one thing in common - their custom handmade items for a unique niche. This is quite relatable to Crystal Jaguar as it doesn't offer much damage, so it can't be a primary melee damage dealer. It has decent health and armor for a low mana cost and unlocks Thorns ability at level 4. Therefore it may function as a support melee tank in specific rulesets and low mana cap battles. 

Battle - Full Battle Replay


Battle Details

  • Mana cap: 13
  • Rulesets(s): Healed Out, Lost Magic

Lineup Details

  • Mother Khala (Summoner): +1 health
  • Furious Chicken: sacrificial lamb 
  • Crystal Jaguar: support melee tank
  • Lone Boatman: primary range damage

Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?


I generally don't play the Crystal Jaguar that much, and I knew going into the battle it was going to be a toughie. I played this battle on my alt account and was hoping that I would have a chance. On my alt account, I have it leveled up where its Thorns ability is unlocked. This battle perfectly summed up the good side and bad side of Crystal Jaguar. Let's start with the good; a low mana cap monster has good health, armor, and Thorn's ability, which helps with its survivability. I am surprised how long it survived. Now let's get to the bad side; look at the difference between Flesh Golem and Crystal Jaguar. Flesh Golem dominated the battle and pounded all that fine China armor off from Crystal Jaguar. The battle was lost, and how humiliating for me is that even my opponent's Furious Chicken survived - lol!

Do you like the Crystal Jaguar? Why or why not?

As I mentioned above, I don't use Crystal Jaguar that much on my main and alt account, even though it does have good survivability for a low mana cap monster. However, I prefer to have melee monsters do more melee damage. Whenever I do these posts, I always like to look at alternatives to the weekly battle monster, especially when I don't use them. If I am looking for a low mana cap to play a support melee role, I prefer to play Manticore, Crystal Werewolf, or Enchanted Defender. These monsters generally provide more damage relative to Crystal Jaguar. Also, I looked at the top 100 player usage stats provided by @jacekw, and it confirmed what I have been inclining to throughout this post. The Crystal Jaguar is not used by many players in any of the splinterlands leagues. In summary, the Crystal Jaguar is a mediocre monster that doesn't offer much to set itself apart from all the other splinterlands monsters. 


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Thank you for reading, and I hope you have a good rest of the day!

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