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By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 7 May 2021

One of my favourite splinterlands posts to write it is finding cheaper alternatives to outlandishly expensive cards. I have done a couple of these in the past, and they have been well received. 


There are many cards that I don't have in my splinterlands deck, and I don't have a goal of collecting all cards. However, there is one that eludes me. I had a chance to pick it up late last year for half its current price. 


What makes Hydra so sought after?

The Hydra is a Beta edition legendary monster from the Neutral Splinter. It has many features that make it an attractive card to me - good speed, good melee damage, good health, not too high mana cost and excellent abilities (heal, thorns and retaliate). To begin the search for potential alternatives, I will use the following combinations and look for cards that meet the criteria at the lowest level:

  • Melee damage 3+, Heal ability.
  • Melee damage 3+, Heal & Thorns ability.
  • Melee damage 3+, Heal & Retaliate ability.
  • Melee damage 3+, Heal & Trample ability.


Melee damage 3+, Heal ability


As soon as you have a common level 1 monster in the category, it will almost always be the cheapest in this category. The Sea Monster is a reward card that many players would've gotten when it was still in print in their daily quest reward. 


Melee damage 3+, Heal & Thorns ability


The Sea Monster is a 10th of the cost of the Hydra!


Melee damage 3+, Heal & Retaliate ability


The Cerberus is a top-rated Beta card due to its usefulness and low mana cost. Good to see that it's 4 times cheaper than Hydra in this category.


Melee damage 3+, Heal & Trample ability


The Sacred Unicorn is a punchy legendary monster that is almost 5 times cheaper than the Hydra in this category.




This was again a fun and exciting exercise to undertake. Looking at the data mentioned above and categories, the Sea Monster came out the cheapest in two categories. However, purchasing the 3 cheapest monsters above (level 6 Sea Monster ($7), a level 5 Cerberus ($29) and a level 3 Sacred Unicorn ($39.5)) would still be 2.5 times cheaper than a maxed Hydra! 


What do you think - would you opt to have a maxed Hydra or the 3 cheapest monsters?



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