Cheap OP Cards - Tower Griffin || Ep. #62 || Splinterlands

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 1 Feb 2021

This will be an on-going series that will give new players a decent head start with splinterlands by focusing on overpowered monster cards that can be a cost-effective and useful investment to their starter decks.

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Tower Griffin



Many years ago, the abandoned fortress in the Giant Grasslands of Primordia was the site of a great Wizards' duel. Once the spells had stopped, the fortress became enchanted and began producing creatures known as Tower Griffins. Their bodies are made entirely of stone, so the Griffins resemble gargoyles as they perch on the high points of various stone structures in the Splinterlands.

Card Details at Level 1


  • Rarity: Rare
  • Splinter: Neutral
  • Mana cost: 4
  • Range damage: 1
  • Speed: 3
  • Health: 3

Abilities Overview


Current Market Price Details

A single BCX card of Tower Griffin will cost $0.1. I would recommend leveling it up to level 5 as this unlocks the Protect ability. At level 5, it becomes very useful with 1 range damage, 4 health, 4 speed, and 2 above-mentioned abilities. At level 5, it will cost $5.03.

Please note: To utilise the Tower Griffin at level 5, you require a Rare Summoner at level 5 (e.g. Tyrus Paladium).

Historical Market Price Details

Over the past period, 1 BCX of the Tower Griffin has reached as high as $0.22 and as low as $0.044.


Tower Griffin top battles across different leagues 

The following battles showcasing the Tower Griffin battles across the different leagues. This gives everyone an idea of how useful this range flying monster can be:

Tower Griffin usage and win rate for each league


Source: Usage/win rate of monsters and summoners for each league | Season 53

Closing Thoughts

The Tower Griffin is a useful card I often use and becomes greats when it picks up armour at level 5. I am not sure why Tower Griffin is not as popular in the lower leagues as in the top leagues (most probably due to the card level restrictions imposed on lower levels). The 1 range damage appears weak, but its the Protect ability provides all friendly monsters with +2 armour and paired with the Tyrus Paladium (Life Splinter Rare Summoner), who provides all friendly monsters with +1 armour, this combo does make your battle lineup a lot more survivable. If you haven't gotten the card yet, I would highly recommend picking it up and looking to level it up to level 5 at the minimum.


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