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By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 18 Jan 2021

This will be an on-going series that will give new players a decent head start with splinterlands by focusing on overpowered monster cards that can be a cost-effective and useful investment to their starter decks.

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Screeching Vulture



Will the screeching never cease? Not if you’re living in the foothills of the Seed Mountains of Anumün. The place is so teeming with life that death is quite widespread as well. If it weren’t for the diligent work of the Vultures, rotting carcasses would be everywhere. When a beast goes down for the last time, the Vultures know instantly, as if by some magical perception. They always approach the carrion with just the right number of Vultures. The screeching is simply the delighted noise they make while they’re ripping into flesh. When summoned to battle, these hook-beaked buzzards will also go after the living.

Card Details at Level 1


  • Rarity: Common
  • Splinter: Earth
  • Mana cost: 3
  • Melee damage: 1
  • Speed: 2
  • Health: 2

Abilities Overview


Current Market Price Details

A single BCX card of Screeching Vulture will cost $0.045. I would recommend leveling it up to level 6 as this unlocks the Scavenger ability. At level 6, it becomes very useful with 2 melee damage, 2 health, 4 speed, and 3 above-mentioned abilities. At level 6, it will cost $2.88.

Historical Market Price Details

Over the past period, 1 BCX of the Screeching Vulture has reached as high as $0.047 and as low as $0.01.


Screeching Vulture top battles across different leagues 

The following battles showcasing the Screeching Vulture battles across the different leagues. This gives everyone an idea of how powerful this super sneak melee monster can be:

Usage and win rate of Screeching Vulture for each league


Source: Usage/win rate of monsters and summoners for each league | Season 52

Closing Thoughts

The Screeching Vulture is a potent card I often use and looking at the usage data from the previous season, its often used a lot by the splinterlands community. This card is a predator, and it's a well-supported by its abilities and increased damage, speed and health at level 6. Screeching Vulture has been increasing in price over the past period and I for see it continuing to increase in price as it's been out of print for a while now. If you haven't gotten the card yet, I would highly recommend picking it up and looking to level it up to level 6 at the minimum.


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