Age Of The Battle Mage | Splinterlands #366

By mercurial9 | mercurial9 | 23 May 2024

Splinterlands is celebrating its 6th anniversary, and the team has announced a special campaign on X (formerly Twitter) from today (May 23rd) until the end of the month. I'm excited to read these posts, as I always enjoy reflecting on the history of things and seeing how they've evolved, and Splinterlands is no exception.


The game has seen significant changes since its inception, including recent adjustments to the new Glint reward shop with the introduction of Loot Chests bundles. While there has been some criticism, the team recognized the issues and made necessary corrections quickly. As a community, we must highlight and support these efforts as much as possible. This is in our best interest.


With a smaller team than before, communication is crucial. A recent post from a team member on the Splinterlands Discord highlights the ongoing developments.



Despite the daily noise and concerns about declining prices (I’ve seen my collection drop from 0.5 BTC to just over $2.5k), it's essential to either be patient and take a long-term view or decide to sell and move on. If you choose to stay, supporting the splinterlands team is beneficial. Constructive feedback is important, but it should be provided healthily and productively which facilitates effective communication. Blame games and negativity benefit no one.


In terms of my own splinterlands journey after almost four years, I continue to enjoy writing about the game weekly (thanks to the support from the splinterlands team with their twice-weekly writing challenges), participating in brawls and battles, working on my two land plots, and striving to reach 100,000 staked SPS.


Jungles of Thece Land Update and SPS 100k Target



In a week where Bitcoin is almost up $5k, the splinterlands tokenomics continues to suffer. Whether this is due to sentiment or demand for the splinterlands asset – I don’t know, but the picture is not a pretty one. But we continue working the land and continue to grind on the 100k SPS staked target.


Land Overview



  • Total Spent: $267.524
  • Amount Regained: $4.16 (338 SPS post-tax) (+$0.01)
  • Payback Period: 19.86 years (-0.47 years)
  • Annual Percentage Rate (APR): 5.03% (-0.13%)

* Based on the current price of SPS ($0.0123)


SPS Staked

  • SPS Staked: 67530 (+655 SPS)
  • Progress to 100k target: 67.5% (+0.65%)


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