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Writing An Ebook on Surviving Severe Treatment-Resistant Depression

By rbailey83 | Mental Health Wellness | 2 May 2022

For a long time now I have wanted to write an Ebook on my life with severe treatment-resistant depression. It could have just been my doctors trying to give me confidence or make me feel like I was being strong, but I have been told by them several times that I am very resilient and that I have had to go through more than most people with a severe mental illness.

Depression of any type, but especially as a mental illness, is a terrible thing to go through, it is the silent killer. You learn very quickly how to hide it out of necessity and so no one knows you're suffering from it unless you tell them. Even though what I have been through has been a terrible experience, there have been some positives to me in what it's taught me and changed the way I see things.

I have wanted to write a book about my experiences and what I went through so that I could hopefully have some positive effects on others going through depression and give them hope that things can get better because I truly have been at the bottom of the barrel with no hope left for my doctors to offer me. I also want to be able to help people who don't suffer from depression as a mental illness understand it a bit better and what life is like for those who do suffer from it.

Today I finally sat down and wrote an outline for the ebook. I have everything in my head but it's time to get it down on paper, or in this case the computer. There is still a ways to go before it will be completed, but having the outline done makes me feel confident that I will be able to write this ebook. I am excited, nervous, and scared about this project.

I hope that I am able to accomplish what I've set out to accomplish with the ebook. Time will tell and I may never know if it helps those who may read it, but at least I will know the information is out there, and there are things within the ebook for people to learn from my story and to get hope.

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Mental Health Wellness
Mental Health Wellness

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