Mental health symptoms

Anxiety and Triggers

By MelSch | Mental health problems | 24 Mar 2022

It is normal to have some anxiety in stressful or fearful situations but sometimes it will effect your life to the point where you avoid any situation that might trigger your anxiety.

  • Such as a personal trigger like a person or place.
  • A medication, some prescription and over the counter meds like birth control pills, cough medicine and weight loss meds can trigger anxiety or make it worse.
  • Health problems if you're experiencing a very upsetting illness like cancer or if you have a chronic illness it could trigger your anxiety.
  • Caffeine, some caffeine is ok but too much can worsen your anxiety.
  • Skipping meals or just being hungry can be a anxiety trigger due to being agitated or low blood sugar.
  • Stress, financial concerns, every day conflicts, relationship problems these can all trigger anxiety, it might help to keep a journal of your triggers  and when you're anxiety seems to worsen.


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I am a single mom, who is going through a divorce and child custody battle, and learning about myself, I have been though a lot this past couple years and I have rediscovered my love for writing.

Mental health problems
Mental health problems

There are so many people out there suffering from mental health problems and don't get help, I want to inform people about the many different mental health problems and how they can effect your general well being, and some self help ideas and when you might just need some extra help.

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