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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 19 Jan 2024

I recently caught up with Foxy the creator of Waxhispano to chat about his game he has created on Wax if your a D&D fan and you like NFTs this could be for you .


Hey bro

How's things?
Good bro doing our best with the game and making community little by little very happy at the moment a few players but nice people.

Of course so tell me when did the game launch?
The game is public since first of January, first was open in closed beta mode for 15 days in December past year

So tell me what inspired you to create it?
Well I am a big fan of the D&D roleplay all my life and I thought to mix two of my passions wax and roleplay making a game. The game is based in the D&D rules and driven by the community. We have a DAO but at the moment we talk about updates in telegram. The idea is to use the DAO to vote for new implementations

Of course . What is DAO called?
Is the waxhispano waxdao page

That's quite cool I like that there is rules to make sure its the players and holders doing the voting. When did you start working on the game?
A year ago doing the quests system, there are 3 different sections in game, quests and colosseum fights, dm dashboard where some NFT owners make events and manage some things and third the land management. We are doing right now the land management first steps. Land owners can produce resources and sell it for real tokens like a miner game but the goal is to build a stronghold like a guild to fight between guilds

Oh right will there be a land sale?
Yes there are sales in NFTHive for different roles, dm, land owner and blends in Neftyblocks to convert loot into better gear. When you finish a quest you mint different NFTs once a day.

Is there many quest available to do at the moment?
8 chapters 3 free, five are NFTs you must buy the system check your wallet and gives you access .. right now we are having sponsored quests, chapter 8 is a Rareruggapes quest the final reward is designed by them. We have an agreement with 4 more well know wax projects

Oh that's brilliant so there will be 15 chapters how long does each chapter take to do?
Not much 2 minutes, usually are 20 steps and you have 2 fights were you get tokens and XP a search function were you can find a mysterious chest with. Two NFTs and the final reward, you can run all the quests anytime but you only get NFTs once a day on each quest


How does the game work?
You only need a hero but a good equipment is recommended to get chances to defeat can equip your gear in the inventory section and set up some points among your skills...after that you can do quests, fight in the arena against the A.I when you reach a new level you can open a reward chest with random NFTs. At level 20 you can blend your hero into a epic one. Dungeon master can mark a player with bad or good luck and random events occurs like to found a hole in a pocket and lose 5 coins hehe.

Dungeon master can set up the shop prices where people buy potions, system gets an average price, they are fundamental in the game. There are little quests in the tavern called rumors they are created by dungeon master and they get tokens when people pay for a rumor. Is more than you can see in a first look.


So if I hold Dungeon master NFT I can create a mission?
Not a quest but yes a tavern rumor...people pay 15 Waxfren and a pop up display a text an a enemy and you get XP and tokens usually more XP than you get in a quest and the dungeon master get the payment. People wants the XP to advance in the chapters because every week are more challenging.

Is the game D&D dice roll play game?
Yes is textual and behind the scenes all are dice rolls and math rules based in the d20 system

Its a modern D&D on blockchain . Is there a white paper for the game?
I am doing the white paper and a wiki to give all the information but it's not finished yet

So can you earn Waxfren coin in game?
Players earn coins and can withdraw it as Waxfren, land owners, DMs and early investors are earning the DICE token our second token passively every day in a non custodial farm besides they can sell wood, stone and wheat for DICE in game. Its a p2e game everybody is earning tokens and NFTs everyday.

Is there a max people can earn and is there a limited amount of Dice? There are only 250 lands and no more will be minted, same for DM badges... Anyways the system has a trick, when the land owners grow the price of the resources decreases in 0.01% . DICE has a supply of only 10M. They are earning up to 30 dice a day on the farm and have a LP to earn Waxfren staking dice.

Oh right so you have a plan to control the economics of the game which is good?
Yes and I am trying to automate the whole process, same with NFTs I don't want to flood the market with undervalued NFTs, will be a growing crafting system to get limited supply gear always. People are catching a lot of gems as loot playing but in NEFTY they can blend it in limited supply magical items

There are only 100 collars like this this way the basic NFTs are burned and the scarcity of items bring value to the player

Of course how many daily players you have at the moment?
Very few I think we are 15... We have two monthly leaderboards for top XP and top colosseum victories and top 3 players of each one earn tokens and NFTs. Like you see we are giving away a lot of rewards hehe.


How much do players need pay to start playing?
A single heroes worth 8 wax to start playing they can win magical items in NFT quests that are worth 10 wax or less in secondary tokens, all can be purchased in Waxfren with discount that helps a lot to increase token price. But there are starter packs for 50 wax there are inside an heroes, a weapon a shield and 500 Waxfren in a transferable NFT. You can transfer tokens to the game transferring coin bags NFTs. We have a lot of crazy ideas to implement after the land management system.

Where can we keep up with the project?





When will the new chapters drop?
Is a weekly drop for pay quests and one free a month... Usually Fridays

Ah so there is 5 each month would I be right
Yes you are right 👍

Anything else you want to add?
I want to invite all your readers to play, have fun and participate in the community to make grow the game together! I just sent you two starter packs for your readers!!  Hope they like it the game and be part of our growing community

Thank you for the packs and talk you bro for your time today
Thank to you for sharing our work


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