Meet the creator of Pocket People

By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 3 Dec 2023

Meet Kettle Games a game designer and creator of Pocket People NFT collection on WAX


Hey man


How's things?

Great thank you what about you?

Cant complain man . How did your crypto journey start?

Well 2 to 3 years ago i decided to get Coinbase. I recently turned 18 and wanted to make smart investments. After some time i discovered the wombat app and learned about the world of wax NFTs. From there I've learned, earned and lost and now i am creating my own collection called pocket people. I was inspired by all the new PFP projects and wanted to try my own with my own unique twists.

So when did you start working on your project?

Basically the start of summer this year. I had a bunch of time to kill as i am a full time student studying games design. But i have been brainstorming way before that.

Tell us about pocket people what's it about?


It is a project build around 5000 unique PFPs called pocket people. Every person is a variant from the Pocketverse. I want to introduce more lore and stories in the form of cinematic trailers for events. I kicked off the first major event recently for Halloween. I wont go in full detail but basically a scientist was working on a the preservation virus, designed to give people immortality. But when mysterious soldiers blow up his lab the virus gets out and turns him into a zombie, slowly infecting the entire world. More stories from across the Pocketverse are coming everytime a new event happens.

Ah have you dropped many so far?


No this is the first event so far. Pocket people holders can buy or blend "virus packs" that contain a virus sample and 1 of 5 event cards. The sample is used to do a mirror craft on NFThive to get a zombie version of a pocket person. Here is an example of some


Oh is this the launch of the project?

Pocket people launched late September. Before that, to help with mint fees i launched "coins" that have 3 qualities. Bronze, silver and gold. You buy bronze coins and blend 3 coins of the same quality to upgrade them. They can be staked in a Waxdao NFT farm to earn some wax and they are used to blend event NFTs such as the virus pack.

Is there a maxi on how many of the coins can be minted?


No they are unlimited. At least for now.

Has there been many bought?

As of right now. 192 pocket people have been bought and just over 400 coins have been bought

That's not to bad how you creating your NFTs?

I do all the artwork in adobe photoshop, normally in a 32x32 canvas but bigger if needed. When exporting the pngs I 10X the size so they look nice when minted as NFTs.

How long does it take to create one?

It really depends on the detail. I try to make everything look quality and consistent. The virus pack design took maybe 4 hours of playing around with different designs. The pocket people traits took many many hours to do i cant even count haha

Has there been any favorite's you have created?

There are some traits i really like yes. I like the leather and denim jackets alot. And the black suit and top hat look classy. The eyepatch was a good add too. But i like all the art I've done so far!

Is there many traits available?

I think there is over 70 traits. Majority of them are outfits and head pieces.

Ah i presume some are more rare than other?

Yes there are some with a 1% chance to appear. Like the pink bunny traits

Is there room in the project to do collabs?

Defiantly i would love to collab with other creators and make unique crossover events. I will hopefully be doing collabs soon i have 1 or 2 interested creators

What is your favorite project on wax?

Wow that's a hard question to answer. I think right now it is WARC. But there is one project I have alot of faith in that is in the works called pixel journey. I used to play alot of castles but not so much nowadays

What's been the hardest part of doing the project?

So far it has been learning how the different tools work. Mirror crafting took a few attempts before i got it to work.

What's been the best part of doing the project?

Seeing people happy and enjoying my work. Some cool pocket people have been minted so far and its very heartwarming to see people excited abut what i am working on!

What your family think of your project?

They are supportive of me and believe the project can grow bigger.

what you like to do when your not creating?

I like to play video games. My dream is to become a game designer since i was a kid so gaming is a big part of my life.

Oh cool is there a long term plan for the project?

I have many ideas for future additions. Some are near and some are further away. I plan to develop the project alongside my studies. When wombat finally release dungeon worlds my clan are going to make our own dungeon and my project will be integrated into that which is cool.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project?

In the Pocketverse discord server. I am very active on there. I'm not very good at using twitter or telegram so all the news is shared in the discord. Plus people get to speak to me easier.

Where can we buy your NFTs?

The PFP drop is on NFThive, you can get coins on Nefty or nfthive. The Halloween event pack is on Nefty.

When is the next drop? 


A new drop coming in 3 days . Its a 1000 mint Christmas tree drop with random gen trees. At the end of the drop the person holding the rarest one wins 25% of the revenue. Or if they also own a Pocket person they get 35%.

Anything you want to add or say before we finish up?

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! And thank you for having me.


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