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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 28 Feb 2022

This is how this artists describes herself .

Painter/Drawer/Digital Artist deriving from Queensland Australia.
Abstract art and sometimes Trash Art is my style. With a side of oddities, curiosities and all things dark and degenerative my style is a natural ebb and flow of feelings.

I had to reach out and find out more about her and her project .




How's things ?

Good thanks buddy getting ready for the live stream on Sunday .

Is it not Sunday now lol ( This was last night lol )

GMT Sunday is my Monday . Just finishing up my collaboration with Charlie buster

I love Charlie's work so how did you start in crypto ?

My partner had been into crypto since 2017 and I only got into the crypto scene the last couple of years. I bought Bitcoin, ADA, Ethereum and AGI at a really good time. Joined a crypto telegram group and found out about NFTs in there.

And when did you decide you want to create NFTs ?

So in the telegram group I saw a guy posting what I thought were really terrible memes, and I thought I could do one better then that. So I made a meme and people loved it, so much It was posted by Charles Hoskinson of ADA and Ben Goertzel of Singularity Net on their twitter and someone commented that this should be a NFT. So I had to get my friend DanishCrypto to teach me how to make NFTs and within a few days I was creating my very own. I have been doing digital art for a long time now so this seemed like a natural progression with my artwork

I know DanishCrypto . So you choose Wax blockchain to mint your NFTs how come?

Because DanishCrytpo recommended it and other platforms used ETH and their gas fees were astronomical, WAX blockchain had alot of traffic and their gas prices were barely noticeable. It was easy to use as a newbie and pretty straight forward.

And do you like minting on wax ?

I do, I know it like the back of my hand now, the ease and simplicity wins me, a few glitches here and there but to be expected on any platform. Will start blending on NeftyBlocks very soon also .

When did launch your first NFT ?

February 2021 .

What was it ?


The creation of ADAm

Just a basic meme NFT as a little laugh for the ADA and SNET team as they just migrated together .

How did the community react ?

Haha they loved it, and asked me what other pieces of work did I have, and Graffiti Kings asked me if they could have permission to make it into a mural in London

Oh wow how many NFTs have you brought out since?

Close to the thousands.

Really wow . You work close with Graffiti king why is that ?

I have only been talking to Darren for a year or so now and had been buying their NFTs, and I was in the very 1st Graffiti Queens exhibition and will be returning this year in April also for the 2nd Graffiti Queens art festival and most recently did a collaboration with Charlie Buster which Is about to be released .

Oh nice any sneak peaks ?


So Charlie sent me one of his backgrounds he already had made up.


Ah nice . What has been your favourite you have created?

Now you are asking me to choose my favourite child lol .

It has to be done.


There are quite dark love them why them?

I love curiosities, oddities and these stem from my work as Forensic Science and Criminal clinical psychology

How do you create your NFTs ?

I take a lot of photographs, and I sketch a lot in my books, have a love of paintings and draw digitally, so I combine them together, I make my own backgrounds. Then layer by layer l add my photos and drawings and a digital filter to bring them all together as one .

Do you use many programs ?

Not really I just use Picsart Color and Procreate .

Who is your favourite artist ?

I adore Mr Twofus work .

Is there a collab you dream of doing ?

Any that are with the amazing family I have formed a bond with within the community of Mr TwoFu’s Skunky Chunks and Tony Trip’s Cyber Vandals. I actually am a artist with Tony Trip’s “Cyber Vandals” which is going to be an project to look out for, he is doing amazing things this platform has ever seen and a collab is on the horizon very soon with Mr Twofu.

Nice I have seen seen his work and I am chasing him to chat about his project . What's been the best part of doing your project?

Tony is a creators visionary extraordinaire . The virtual world he is creating is going to be amazing for not only himself but his community and future artists he will collaborate with . Oh my own? Haha sorry I’m a huge cheerleader for my friends lol .

No worries that's what's makes wax a great community?

I love to narrate and depict what is going on in my life at that moment in time and translate it into art, it is amazing how art can bring so many people together and I am never too busy for them and the support I give and receive is just amazing

What has been the hardest part of your project ?

I am my toughest critic, So the hardest part for me has been putting a price on my work. I always think of others and mainly ended up gifting my collection then to have my friends buy them, but then they have huge hearts and have my biggest buyers too. So trying to figure out a fair price for all has been my hardest challenge.

That's a good thing I think you should check the second hand market of your NFTs to judge . What does your family think of your project ?

My partner BenDCLXVI is my biggest supporter of my work, we do a lot of collabs together which I just adore, he is amazing at Graffiti Font. We spend many nights and spare moments creating next to each other. My kids love my art, and will be having their own wax wallets and NFTs for their own art and other collections.

Have you brought many people into NFTs?

It always becomes a point of discussion nowadays. We sit back and listen to newcomers talk about NFTs and then let them know what they exactly are, and show them my work, and if I know they are artists I try and educate them and help to bring their work onto this platform and getting their work out there and I will help them step by step as DanishCrypto once did for me and help them with wax wallets then how to mint their own NFTs .

What you like to unwind ?

I draw lol I love where my mind goes to escape within my art work. Music on, pens out .

Oh what music ?

He is Legend . A band I have become friends with the lead Singer Schuylar Croom whom I have also talked to him about turning his artwork in to NFTs

Tell is something random about you ?

Random fact. I actually have the title of Lady

Oh my lady lol how did you get that ?

Became an executor of a plot in Scotland.

Oh do you have Scottish family?

I am a mixed bag of lollies .

Oh wow neber it said like that before ha . Where can we keep up with your project?

On my website

Or on my Instagram



Where can we buy your work ?

Any chance of a competition for the readers ?

Sure I’d be happy to gift some NFTs I’ll gift 3 NFTs .

Perfect so before we finish up is there any thing you would like to add or say?

Nawe it has been a pleasure and can’t wait to get to know you better Mr! I’m also doing a project with Aniah’s Heart with a few other artists Would love to give the foundation another form of voice If I can

Of course and its pleasure I love throwing artists into the limelight .


I made a painting that will go for auction and will be doing a collab with CryptoYuna, WomanNFT, Rory, The NFT comic just to name a few.

So guys please keey an eye out for her auction and her collab with Charlie buster and to enter are competition check the link below .

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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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