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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 20 Sep 2021

I love finding new talented new artists to chat to and this no different a brilliant young artist that will set the NFT world a light . I had the pleasure to chat to them about there project and themselves so lets meet the artist .

Morning how you today ?

Doing great. How about you?

I am ok just doing some crypto work . What about you did you do much today ?

Mostly what I did is making the mold for the sculpture. Hehehe

Oh is this a project for work ?

Yep. This will be included on our project this august .

Can we have a look at the mold ?


Hahaha. Still in a mold. It will have more details when I apply the clay . But usually this is the process .

Awh so its in the early process .

Yep. Its more difficult since everything will be hand made.

Will this be an aspect of your wax project ?

Yes. I'd like to create an nft with real world value. Not just an image with high price tag, But also create an NFT that they brings to the real world. It will help not just an artist that draws, but also those who create a sculpture.

That's sounds really cool .

Like how metal help and gave me advise about NFT, I also wanted to do the same thing with my fellow artist. Those who struggle and give them a boost in this industries.

Who is metal ?

Oh, Metaleroz, that's his name in twitter and telegram. He's the one who discovered and invited me to join the AtomiKings group. He is also the one to the team and start my first collaboration. Let me show you the work i did with them .

Oh wow so your apart of atomic kings well I do like there work . So how did you discover NFTs ?

It was actually introduce to me by my dad. He told me that the future of artist will be in the crypto and that when he explain to me what is NFTs. At first, I don't get it. We tried several space including opensea. But the high gas fee turn us away from it. That is when while checking on twitter, someone is giving away NFTs. I got curious since I know how much expensive minting NFT . Then that guys introduce me to atomichub and wax.

Is your dad an NFT artist or was he just encouring you to sell your work ?

He's a graphic and web designer back in the 90's. He is in to technology. He knows I have talent, but it is really difficult to sell my artwork. So he encourage me to try and sell it as an NFT . It started as a hobby, but as you know, a lot of people are struggling due to the pandemic, I did my best to make this as a secondary source of income in order to help my parents.

Oh that's brilliant . So what was the first NFT you dropped on WAX ?

Actually my first drop was from mintable. It was not successful and never sold a single thing. My first sale is from wax and I sold it even if I was not yet whitelisted .

Really is it still on mintable and can we see your first sold NFT on wax ?

Sure. Let me get it for you.


Here you go . Sorry it took a while just learned how to filter it. Haha

Your grand so was that hand drawn ?

Yes. This is actually a commissioned to me when I was till in my first year in architecture.


That's me.

Oh wow that is so cool .

My dad was really proud that day. It gas also my first commission drawing.

Have you been commissioned to do much NFT ?

Actually my first commission is with AtomKings. Hoping I'll get more when my first drop becomes successful .

Are you still working with AtomKings ?

Currently I have collaboration project with the them and that is the AtomiKings X Voodoo dollz. I hope we will have a continues good working relationship and collaboration with them. Also looking forward to work with the rest of the artist.

Have you done many Collabs ?

This will be my first. But I have 3 more after this. 😁 . I'm still focusing on this first.

Oh can you say any names ?

I have plans with Bmac, but can't show you or give any details yet, its a surprise. 2 other are still at works and up for discussion.

Crossing my finger 😃

That's ok is there an artist you would love to collab with ?

To many to mention . Ha ha. but personally love the artwork of Horrors and gods and legends. Love their artwork. I'm actually into horror and anime so I love their design.

Cool . Is WAX blockchain now your home ?

I can say a big yes. Aside school, I love the community. Though sometimes its chaotic, but that's family. Hahaha

Of course . Would you ever try other markets with your NFTs maybe 1 of 1s ?

Perhaps, once I have time to spare, why not.

Do you struggle for spare time at the moment ?

For now, it think because I still need to juggle between my studies and work. My priorities are still graduating in college. Finals are over. I can now focus on what i love and that's making art.

Tell us about your project you have just launched last friday ?

The official drop will be on the first week of august. Last Friday is the official announcement. This project is about creating a voodoo doll representation of the 6 core member of Atomikings . We created a voodoo representation of them like, what's their hobby, project association and physical characteristic

Like Terry who was involve with rplanet.


This is his rare variant. He is involve with horror and rplanet. The chainsaw and mask represent the horror and pig was actually one of their mascot in rplanet

That is just 1 of the 5 variants we created for each character. That one is the rare variant

Oh cool do each week there will be new NFT dropping ?

Every other week we have plans to do a free and sale drop. But every occassion we will also have a voodoo doll drops that represent that holiday Wait for the holloween. It will be a blast 😃

Nice to keep the community interested in the program and i think everyone who creates NFTs loves Halloween because they can let themselves go and create something fun but dark .

Yup. We will have tons of giveaways and games.

How do you reach out to the community?

For now via twitter


and telegram.

@Project Voodoo

I've also created a account.


Do you collect NFTs yourself ?

Yes I do. I love those promo NFTs from known project like horrors, street fighter, robotech and graffiti kings to name a few .

Whats the biggest collection you hold at the moment ?

The biggest is the graffiti.r2 collection. The others was stake at rplanet. Lol

Would you like your NFTs to be stakeable there in the future ?

That's what most of the NFT artist would like to be part with, though my NFTs will become more desirable. But to be honest, ld like people to buy my NFTs because they like my art and not because it gives a higher Aether per hour.

That is why I put a lot effort in my work.

You are from the phillpennes have you chatted to many other NFT artists from there ?

Unfortunately, I haven't meet one personally. I do join some of wax forum and groups but, never encounter another artist in the Philippines.

I hope there will be more.

Here is a few that I have chatted to .

I already followed him but I didn't know he's a Filipino.

Yeap lovely guy .

Would love to meet them. Perhaps after the pandemic, we can have an wax artist convention a like You tuber but WAX

So I am guessing your parents are very proud of your project ?

Definitely. My dad helps me with the email. He's the one apply for my whitelisting. My brother helps me with the photoshop. And my twin baby brother makes me inspired everyday.

What is your favorite NFT you created ?

My favorite would actually the voodoo dolls. Because it reminds me of my childhood drawing

Is that NFT you us earlier in the interviewed ?

Nope. This one .



Has it been created into a NFT yet ?

Yes, one of the first that I uploaded in WAX . I did made some changes and enhanced with photoshop .

Can we have a pic ?

Sure let me get it for you .



Do you have drop planned for next week?

Yes i have actually. Limited to 100 copies and exclusive to our telegram group.

Oh cool can we have a look ?

Another variant.


That is class. Tell us something random about yourself ?

I'm the eldest of 5. I love anime and love arts. I love coffee and love meeting other people online. Oh, also love reading books. Won't believe i used to be a dean's lister in my school. Though I was not able to keep it, I'm still a consistent honor student.

Wow education is key . What do you do for fun when your not doing NFTs or studying ?

Watching anime and reading books and manga. I other's tiktok but I rarely do my own. A bit shy though. Lol

What lessons have you learnt doing your NFT project ?

I've learned to have more patience. Getting an audience in the NFT space are not easy. This space is flooded with huge name and and popular IPs. You need be patient to build a name for yourself. Also be respectful and appreciate other arts and artist.

So before we finish up is there anything else you would like to add or say ?

I like to say thank you for this opportunity. Its always my pleasure to tell my stories. I'm glad I meet everyone who becomes part of my journey to the NFT space, thanks to Metaleroz and the Atomikings. including you Crackers83. Appreciate that you give your time interviewing a Filipina like me.

Every artist needs to be heard and it was a pleasure . So thanks to this great artist I have a few NFTs to drop into your wallets so drop your WAX address and check out there work .


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