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Meet the artist behind Waxsnickers

By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 8 Sep 2021

Right I have been chatting to this artist for a while and I love his work but his project is bigger than just NFT's but I wont say much more read so the artist himself will explain .



Hey Crackers!

How's thing ?

Perfect man! Just chilling out here . Yourself!? How's your day going!?

Same as did you much today . Day off so was relaxing did some gaming and some house bits

Nice!!! Call of duty I guess

Of course

Haven't done that in a while I downloaded Apex legend 3 weeks ago Just tried it the first night and that's it for now

Cool did you any work on your NFT's today ?

Oh yes! Currently rounding up on some goodies for crafting . Always looking to add value so I had to keep adding and subtracting

Nice can sneaks pics ?

My laptop is having a hard time for some time now . Haha . Sure but don't have it on phone yet so taking shot off laptop


Well lets start at the start how do you come across NFT's ?

That's the best questions I have had to answer in some weeks or say month now . So it all came about a 2 to 3 months ago when Bitcoin was on the rise. It has me deep thinking. Knowing the potential I begun to explore the possibilities in relations to other fields of life. Then something hit me and I had an AHA moment. That's was relating to Blockchain and arts. So jumped right away unto google and behold there was all this NFT madness going on out there. Chanced on beeple and that's when I fell into the rabbit hole of NFT.

Ah and did you research markets or was WAX your first choice Haha!

Sadly wax wasn't my first choice. I did a ton research on markets and whatever it took to have my works on there. First was rarible, then opensea

Oh wow that must of been expensive to mint

Exactly! Got to know about the gas fees and that was a turn off for me . It was on the high side and didn't have that much. I could have still gotten in but I had to analyze further for me to know it's a no go for me at the moment I chanced on mintable before wax but I just didn't like the UI and the works out there. Felt like my works were going to be there for long before any one will chance on it. Lol

Did you ever sell any on there and was it the same project ?

No I never put up an artwork there. I am the kind that loves to understand and weigh options for the best possible outcome before stepping in I opened and closed up the website over 5 times just to see things from other perspective It's not that it's bad out there, it's more like it's still growing and I needed something more than that but similar model

Oh right and do you think you have found your home now ?

I have found my first home. I will like to explore other markets due to the kind of art I do sometimes too. But Wax is my first home and i don't think I am ever gona sell it to buy another place. Rather work hard in it to get other houses

What other markets would you like to look at ?

Well was hoping opensea but now there is Binance NFT market and some other cool ones I chanced on with low gas fees

Have you looked at Juungle or the new Matic NFT's marketplace ?

Not yet but I am a fan of Matic token and looking to grab some. Now that you mentioned I will check out their NFT market space for future consideration

How did you come up with your project ?

Haha! A simple answer will be I love sneakers and always wanted to be a collector. A much defined one will be in conjunction with wax and the vision I hold for which I have considered for some years now before chancing on NFTs

So the big the question how many pairs of sneakers (runners) you own ? lol

Lol! Sneaker I own or looking to mint on wax?

Own 👟👟👟👟

Ohh!!! That's a big question I don't think I have a definite answer to. Lol But the best 5 sneakers I love; adidas, New balance, ASICS, Nike and puma


How many snicker NFT's you made so far ?

Currently just one brand.

How different NFT's of that brand ?

Looking to run them in series and one brand in a series in other to emphasize more on how the designs will work with the brand 15 different NFTs but majorly 2 ; the hightops and lows. But 15 different designs on there

No Nike air max's yet ?

One design still not out yet in just vans series 1 so not in this series . Nike and others brands will come in later

So something to look forward to ?

Yes sir! In every series one brand gets the main focus. One of the goals is to introduce the sneaker culture to Blockchain. Quiet dumb but sneakers are part of ones lifestyle and has formed grown into a culture where people relate in.

How do you make each NFT ?

So I create my designs with Adobe tools. Illustrator, Photoshop and sometimes Dimensions. The sneakers was designed in Photoshop this time though most time I do that in illustrator before Photoshop. Then the main part is the various designs I come up with to apply on them


How long is each NFT taking to create ?

Well, once the frame work was created it didn't take that much And by framework I mean; the card layout, the numbering, the various names/ IDs and The sneaker . So if considering all of that plus thought processes, then we are looking at 3-5 days. All you need is to get the concept right and creating others will take just 30 to an hour

How you feel about Collab's ?

Oh man! One of the purpose why I named it the collection waxsnkrs was because of all the great projects on wax. I mean this project could have been carried out unto other market places but I just want it to be with wax and I look forward to having one of the biggest Collab's on there . All these wonderful projects have collectors who are fans. It will be nice to have a physical sneaker with the design from these projects

Have you done many Collab's ?

Not many just 2 main ones Did one with silly faces and working on a major one with cryptomonkeys. Though waxSnkrs features a sneaker made for wax, in wasn't really a Collab. I just sort for permission It was nice to debut with a sneaker from the marketplace we are on

I have to say both Collab's are really impressive do you have many more lined up

Thank you! And yes haha!

I know some company's let you build your own sneakers is that part of the plan ?

Yes, but with waxsnkrs I look to empower and give value so what we hope to do is buy the sneakers from the said brand and have a sneaker artist or street artist do the design on it. In that way it's a win win for all

Brilliant idea

Let me reveal a little more; there is going to be a collection which will be for Collab's. Since this series features vans, it will be termed " Syndicate edition" which is a terminology associated with vans

Thank you cracker, you all add up to this brilliancy . Do you have a favorite NFT you have created ?

Yes with waxsnkrs my favorites are that of the cryptomonkeys and silly faces hightops. But I did mint one of my art work before waxsnkrs and that is number 1 .Couldn't make much of it because it was a composite design and wax couldn't whitelist it. But everyone loves it because it's pure art. I called it "The Dog Father"

Can we have a pic ?



This was the first render before I had God backwards . Lol

That's class .

Glad you like it too

How does your family feel about your NFT's ?

Oh boy! They love my designs but they don't know much about the NFT space so I keep it low. Lol My kid brother sees me doing most of the designs, spoke to him about NFT. But he is mostly busy playing COD mobile

Ha ha ha . Tell us something random about yourself ?

Lol . Hmmm! I love animes, very reserved most times but creativity sets my mind ablaze and then I can't stop sharing ideas and oh I think art should always give value than just the design

What advice do you have for artist coming into the market ?

Research a lot and know the requirements. Collectors like whitelisted Collections and so you must know what you are bringing in. If it's a composite that requires blend of images you don't own then it will be hard to get it out to a lot of people on the market

What can we find you doing when your not creating NFT's ?

Listening to music, watching anime or just appreciating people's designs off the internet.

Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers ?

Oh yes! I love giveaways, you are the boss here. How do you want to go about it? Let's giveaway a few NFTs 

Brilliant love it . Where can we find your cards for sale ?

Cards can be found on the atomic hub secondary market;

AtomicHub - Interface for the EOSIO AtomicAssets NFT standard

The AtomicHub is a user friendly interface for the AtomicAssets NFT standard. Its features include an Explorer, a Marketplace, a Trading interface and an NFT Creator.

When your next NFT dropping ?

Next major thing on the series 1 timeline is crafting. Then I will be looking forward to the syndicate collection drop, that should be in 2 weeks Also I will like to talk about the other bit of the vision which is donating sneakers to kids in the diaspora. That will take some time but hoping to kick that off in series 2

Wow so you will be giving back to the community

Yes sir!

That's great

I have a presentation I will like to share . Talks more about the waxsnkrs vision

Of course


Love that everyone needs to read . Where can people reach out to you ?

I am mostly on Twitter


Just started out on telegram hoping to get closer to waxsnkrs fans

Will there be a website at some point ?

Absolutely... That will further push the dream of providing sneakers to the kids in the diaspora

I think it would be great and helpful a very promising project

Thank you crackers! Thank you for putting us on.

Not a problem everyone deserves promotion and this is a great project and has the power to help many others !!!

We hope to impact in a fun way and we hope this project does

It really is a great project before I let you go is there anything you want to add for the readers

We hope to have a test auction with the mint 1 of the cryptomonkeys Grails. And it will be backed by physical sneaker that will be designed by a prominent artist in the wax NFT space as well as cryptomonkeys. Do watch out for it and participate if you are a fan and love the course.

Thanks for taking the time to chat to me and IL be looking out for the auction .

The honor is mine! Thank you crackers and will love to have a Collab with you as well.. haha



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