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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 22 Apr 2022

My god this is a pleasure for me this man is a legend in WAX and in the NFTs if you don't know him how? why ? Get to know him his work is amazing and its only getting better and better only .


Hola senor crackers!

It is a honor how you ?

Is good mi amigo!

How did you get discover NFTs?

Lupe discovers NFTs from the times I spend on crypto twitters. I has been around since 2018, buy is my first BTC 2017! I see so much bout NFTs, and the arts is draw lupe eyes to is! Wen I see is a world thas combine cryptos with art, I has to join is. So I enters the wax NFT space an the rest is history's!

Why did you choose WAX for your project?

I first wanted to mints to ETH/Openseas! But is the gas I could no understand. As beginners, is such a risks to spend so much u monies jus to get u store on its feet. I is find wax very easy for new artist to experiment with gasless blockchains. Now lupe is understands NFTs an can explore outs now since I better understands the NFT blockchains! Tezos y eth both is look exciting to lupe.

What is the idea behind your project ?

First was to make is tweet moments NFTs. Idea was to has NFTs that's a tweet! But normal tweet is jus text, lupe tweet moments is animated an also was spose to be mostly my most popular meme tweets from 2018-2020 wen I was ct lupe. Now is still kinda follows, but I add is fun one like las one, joe rogans lupe :)

When did launch? 

2/21 was first month I start to mint nfts, 1/21 is learn is first

How many NFTs have you dropped so far? 

Is well over 26k! Could no do is so easy on other blockchains! IS LUV WAXP!

What was the first one you dropped? 


I is no scare. S1 drop1 legendary 100 mint is my first ever!

How did the community react? 

Lupe could feel is luv from mi amigos! Instant the first ones I drops is sell! Senor kenn bosaks actually lupe first customers ever!

What is the process of making your NFTs? 

First universe is has to delivers ideas to lupe to make is super excite. Once I has passions in mi corazon, an my hands can no contain is, I start to art is! Sometime is pixel, sometime is iPad, is all depends on the specific art an moments in time. Universe is lead the rest.

What programs you use for creation?

Pixels lupe is luv pixilart.com, Aseprite y pixel studios, iPad is luv adobe frescos, procreates y flippaclippa!

How long this each NFT take to create? 

It depends on the piece, is most recent mural I do is take almost 3 weeks! Chummy projects in whole is take over a month! I is slower artis I think, I is take my times, most times at minimums is take about 2-3 days.

What is your favorite NFT you have made? Why? 


My favorite NFT I ever made, prolly right now is has to be KUNG LUPE. is reason is because I was rly happy with how is turns out and I did no know I was capable to make is the way I envisions is in my head. Close second is has to be ride is to glorys


Have you done any collabs? 

Omg I is LUV the collabs!! The list so long! senorlupeoke.com/collabs is has them all, but I really has enjoyed all the amigos I has had the opp to collabs with. Is a world I can lives in the rest of my life's if I can arts and collabs with people that also luv arts y cryptos. Very special places we is has in community

Who would be your dream collab? 

I has done one with most of them already!! Tho I is think community is need a senor lupe x shnazzy collabs <3

Are you a collector of NFTs? 

Si I is collect my frens NFTs, I is no rly a flippers. Wen I buy is NFT , is because I really luv is an no has the intentions to make is monies of the artis.

Who is your favorite NFT artist?

Is no has one thas my favor, I is enjoy the arts as a collective. I is luv to see all artis flourish in new worlds we is creating. I is jus enjoy the life I has now to view is arts all days on twitters.

What has been the best part of doing your project?

Hands down the community an the peoples. To is be part of a community an luv is u frens an has nothin but supports, thas a special places to be for lupe. Priors to NFT familias, I had is no scare for BTC community, we still strong super focus, but is was nice to also expand is my luv into NFTs community. I no ever is scams my frens or is be mean, we is ride is to glory's for eternity's.

What has been the hardest part? 

Hardest part for sure if no bein able to collabs with all people, is so many lupe is with to collabs with, an I do is often, but is still no able to do is all collabs from the ppl thas reach out to lupe. Is realy make mi feel bad sometime, I see u dms, I see u wanna collabs, but most times I plan is weeks, months ahead an alsos is needa balance times for u own project. For examples, I has is four month gaps between is chummys, because I choose to instead collabs is with mi amigos because I feel is more important an fun for lupe! Is all a balances an I has understands I can no collab is with all, by I can try my best…

What does your family think of your project?

Immediate close family is extra super supportive an luv is an provide is lotta inputs. Everyone else is no understand what the hell lupe is do so they no ask lol.

Have you introduced anyone to WAX? 

Oh si so many people in real life, so many peoples in twitters, is plenty!

Do you land on uplift? If so where is it?

Si is has couple plots in uplift genesis server :)

What you like to do to unwind?

Blow is the trees an eat is mgs baby.

Tell us something random about you? 

I is hate olives, if I see is, I smash is.

Where is the best place to keep up with the project? 


I keep is ALL infos on websites: https://senorlupeoke.com/

Where can we keep up with the project?

Is same, websites!

Where can we buy your NFTs? 

Check is my collections here!

When is the next drop?


Any chance of a drop or competition for the readers? 

Lupe will send is readers who has made is this far into interviews a $FRENS token, all you has to do is dms lupe an types “luv u interview, send is frens!” with u wax addy an I send is! I allow is until end of 5/22 :)


Is there anything you would like to add or say before we finish?

Is jus wanna says gracias to u senor crackers for interview and opportunities to share is my self with u amigos. Is very thankful. Also is wanna thank all mi amigos thas always support lupe an has my backs. U guys ride is an we no stop is the travels to glory ever. Is realy lupe honors an recognizes the blessings I has to lead is for u all. I no scare. Is will take deaths to stop u fren. Untils then, I will ride is in honors to all u glorys an is tru for mi amigos, WE ALL IS GONNA MAKE IS! SALUD SENOR CRACKERS!! SALUD WAX FAMS!! VIVA LA BTC!! VIVA LA WAXP!!

Guys this has been a pleasure he is really killing the WAX world and if you guys don't follow him get on it .


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