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By Crackers | Meet the NFT Artist | 16 Dec 2023

We are back with a new meet the artist this project is a long time in the making but dropping very soon as I was chatting to the creator he was a lil stressed from trying to build his Discord but none the less he still had time to chat about his upcoming project


Hey bro!

Hey man

Sorry bro, killin my head trying to set up discord lol

Oh really if your busy man we can leave it till your free?

No bro, I definitely need a break from discord ahaha

Ha ha ha . How's things?

We're just having some issues trying to set up Mee6 or another welcome bot

Ah I see fun times

Ahahah yeah but we will get there . Regarding the collection itself, we have already uploaded most of the first templates to AH, Discord is the last platform we need to get ready before we get our first drop out

Oh really how long you in crypto?

I'd say about 1 and half year

What brought you in?

The first thing that got me started was Sandbox on Ethereum and a few months later I started playing WDM on Wax

What made you want to create a project?

I was already on the WAX community when I restarted making my own draws. It was me challenging myself to create a concept and have my own aesthetics. I draw on paper and started with this project using Adobe Illustrator to make my cartoon characters look "real" and share it with the community.


They started out like this


What is the inspiration behind them?

Mostly cartoon, graffiti I have drawn toons since I was a kid but I never really did nothing special with it. When I joined the community I was really happy to be able to share my art with people

So your project is just continuation off your drawings as a kid?

I actually haven't been drawing in ten years I actually restarted doing these draws a few months ago.

What is the kind of cartoons that make you draw like this?

Pop culture cartoons influence I guess

You haven't launched yet but have dropped any promos yet?

No basically we've been gathering members on Telegram and Twitter while we were finishing the artwork. Now that is all done we need to finish setting Discord to be fully ready

Have you dropped any promo's yet?

We have a specific one that will give access to 1 pack each 12 hours to VIP members club

Have you dropped any NFTs yet?

No bro just created the templates

How many templates has been created?

27 so far The Farm Animals, the items that people will blend to get the animals and the packs.


So how many NFTs will be in the packs?

In each item pack will be 3 items from different rarity. We will also have the Farm Animals Pack which will have 2 animals inside, to the people that want to get the full set earlier

How many ratites is there?

There will be 6 common, 4 rare, (items and animals) and a special blend that starts with common and finishes with the platinum chicken and roost whoever gets the chicken and the roost will be claiming eggs. We want to make this dynamic and interesting

How are NFTs being created I know that they are hand drawn but do you use any programs?

Yes I first started in my mobile phone, but now I am using Adobe Illustrator It's way more easy than my small-screen mobile phone lol

Of course how long does each NFT take to create?

At least 2/3 days each on my mobile phone was like one at each 15 days 🤣


Oh god that is some difference . When is the launch date?

We don't have one yet .We want to launch HeadBangaz on a live event. We're checking our options while we set up Discord but check out are templates

Is there room for collabs in the project?

Yeah sure!

Who is the dream collab on Wax for you?

There's several dope collections out there that's a difficult question

Ok what's your favorite wax projects?

I think I could say Skunkychunks, is dope and Cybervandals also but there are hundreds of good collections

What has been the hardest part of doing the project?

Discord bro 🤣 Put the welcome bot doing his thing is hard and the other bots and permissions has been crazy

What's been the best part of doing your project?

The support bro. But definitely the highest point will be when the launch date comes and the people go and they enjoy the collection

What your family think of the project?

They don't know that much about it . But about the project, the people that I talked to have been supporting

What you like to do when your not working on the project?

I make music bro

Will you add music on to your NFTs in the future so?

Ahahah I don't know man. But if there's a space for this to happen I will do it for sure


What kind of music you make?


Ah there is a few rappers on Wax

That's cool

Where the best place to keep with the project?

At this time Telegram

But in the future will be on Discord .Yes we have Twitter also but I guess Discord and Telegram are closer to the people, mainly, that's where we want the people to be

When will the NFTs be up for sale?

We're trying to make it happen this year

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Just thank you very much for the opportunity bro!

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Meet the NFT Artist
Meet the NFT Artist

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