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Goldust and assorted chocolates, with soil to help them rocket.


For my second update on my new blogging journey, whilst also continuing my medical grow journey. Today the update will include what I have on deck to plant into my grow tent. Gold Dust clone and Assorted Chocolates from seed.

As you can tell by the photos the plants are quite haggard and riddled with issues. I intentionally neglected these plants because I didn't know if I was going to keep these plants, let alone run them at all. So I decided to give them the bare minimum in order to stay alive, but not growing. I didn't want them to grow, because my smaller grow tent doesn't have adequate height space to manage anything larger than two feet tall. I also had a cayenne pepper plant, lettuce, and a small palm plant growing, so the area was already very limited in space.


I let my grow bed rest for a week, while still giving it water. On Sunday (1/22/23) I added in some Dr. Earth Homegrown Organic Fertilizer, and Bokashi to the soil. I then added in the amendments (water mixed with molasses granules and EM-1, to help boost growth of effective microbes). The worms will love it too. I then "staged" the plants into the tent without transplanting for a day and a half. I do this so the plants can get use to the environment of the tent, before being transplanted into the soil. 

Transplanted into soil.

I thought I would try to share some information on the genetics that I will be growing. Most of the information can be found in the links provided.

Goldust: This was a clone that I was given to me. It is a cross between the cultivar Rainbow Runtz and the cultivar Scotty 2 Hotty, and was bred by Exotic Genetics. It's considered an indica-dominant hybrid cultivar. More information can be found at AllBud - Goldust




Assorted Chocolates:  This cultivar is a regular (non-feminized) seed bred by Purple Caper Seeds. There isn't much information about it except "These come out of the R & D Lab, They can be anything on the list or any local Bay area clone crossed with the Chocolate Kush Father..." which can be found at Purple Caper Seed Strain List. 


Assorted Chocolates


Let's first take note, the problems that are currently wrong with the plants. Yes I do acknowledge seeing the plants in this condition is blasphemous and sad to see. Do not fret though, they shall be remedied.

1. Very nutrient deficient.

2. Lack luster foliage and leaves, though new growth areas can be seen for potential.

3. Powdery Mildew (I will sometimes refer to it as just PM) there isn't much but there is a little. 

The nutrient deficiency will be balanced out quickly once the plant starts sending it's roots out more. I anticipate there will be a big improvement by next weeks update. I will tackle the powdery mildew issue with Dr. Zymes  Eliminator, which is an organic insecticide and fungicide. I will probably spray once a week until eliminated. 

Something that I will be doing different this run, which I believe will yield a better output: a tower fan.

I'm currently running a Viparspectra XS2000 LED grow light. The light schedule is currently 17 hours of light, and 7 hours of darkness. I will probably hold this schedule for a while. Depending on how the plants do, I estimate between three and 4 weeks of vegetative growth before flipping to flower.  With the hopes of having a harvest date roughly around 4/20 (April 20th). 

Some of you may have noticed that the bed has been moved to one side of the tent more than the other. I did this because I plan on getting a tower fan that will fit the tent. I feel that the tower fan would provide a more even air movement along the height of the plants, instead of just having the single one pointing from a corner. This is a theory though, so we shall see as we grow.

Well that wraps it up for the second installment on this blogging/grow journey. I hope y'all enjoyed the read, and I hope you come back again.

Peace, love, and understanding. Until next time. 

- The Nordic Buffadillo


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Medical Cannabis Grow Blog
Medical Cannabis Grow Blog

This blog will follow my journey of growing medical cannabis for myself. I currently live in a state (Oregon) where medical cannabis (OMMP) and recreational cannabis is legal. I will try to do at least a weekly update on my grow. Currently I am growing in a slightly less than 2' x slightly less than 3' tent. When the weather permits, I will have plants growing outside in my garden.

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